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Michigan Brewery Series – Overview

I recently completed a 7 Post Series on Michigan Breweries.  I had a lot of fun writing about something that I feel passionate about.  Beer.  Michigan is a big Craft Beer state and Mark and I enjoy taking these little Beer-Ventures.  Although we have some favorite haunts, there is always some place new to try out as well.

I thought some of you readers might appreciate me assembling the links to the entire series in one place.  So here they are!

Links to each of the Brewery Posts:

  1. Michigan Brewery Series: Dark Horse Brewing
  2. Michigan Brewery Series – Grand Rapids
  3. Michigan Brewery Series – Grand River Brewing
  4. Michigan Brewery Series -Traverse City
  5. Maggie Takes Over – Kalamazoo
  6. Michigan Brewery Series: Round Barn
  7. Michigan Brewery Series – Shorts Brewing Company

Honorable Mention to my Fave Breweries:

Tecumseh Brewing Company – Tecumseh Michigan

They have a great little Brewery with Amazing food. They even have a  Sandwich of the Week.  They make a wide range of creative small batch beers.  I have been there several times when Owner, Tim Schmidt, is delivering food or pulling drafts.

Some Thoughts…..

I know that my Blog falls under the “Travel” category, but in Michigan Breweries are worth traveling for.  Here is an excerpt from the About Me Page on my website outlining my Blog Goals:

The plan is to write weekly about things I am passionate about.  I want to share all kinds of travel, fun and adventures with you in hopes of giving you some small take away that helps you get more out of both your travel money and your life.  We will discuss everything from Themed dinners with friends, all day wine tasting tours, 3 day weekends, vacations on the beach and travel over seas. Adventures big and small!


You know there will be more posts about Breweries somewhere down the line!

If you know a great Brewery in Michigan that we should check out, PLEASE leave a comment and we will put it on our list to visit. 




Stay tuned on Mondays for my upcoming Michigan Wineries Series



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