Postcards from Europe part 3

Viva Italia!

Thursday was a long bus day. 6 hours! Mid day we stopped for lunch near a glacial lake near Slovenia. The view on their terrace was amazing. The water was a crazy green blue.

Once in Venice, we hopped on a convoy of taxi boats out to Venice island. While everyone else was taking a gondola ride (we had done this before) we stopped at Harry’s Bar for a Bellini. That is where they were invented….not cheap, but so worth it.

Afterward we spent some time around St Mark’s Square.

Where’s Marco? Can you find Mark amongst all the Tourists at St Mark’s Square? Just a bit of fun.

Today we toured St. Mark’s Basilica and the back streets of Venice. On our break we had a panini and a Spritz in a local trattoria and a tiramisu gelato!

Saw a Murano glass blowing demonstration and had late lunch in Burano! Burano is an island in the Venice lagoon and is one of the most photographed places in Italy.

Off to share a glass of wine with our bus mates….Chiao!

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