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Packing Fun

We are trying out some new travel ideas that we found while reading Travel Blogs and watching U-Tube Videos.  Here are some of our funky finds!

Luggage Tags

Thank you Your Mileage May Vary for your recent Luggage tag post. It got me looking at fun tags and I ended up choosing LEGO Harley Quinn and Joker for our checked bags.  They make me smile.

Packing Cube Tetris

Travelon Multi Purpose Packing Cube

This one worked great for socks in the 3 mesh slots, a slip in the zippered portion, underwear folded in the bottom with bras on top.  One stop shopping for undergarments.

Travelon Expandable Packing Cube

I used this one similarly for Hubby.  Skivvies folded in the bottom and socks rolled in the upper pockets.

I had one additional set of 3 packing cubes.  I was able to get scarves and cardigans in the small one, tops and dresses in the medium one, a hat, pants and dresses in the large one.  Everything fit in perfectly.

Carry On Bag

When laying out our bags, we discovered that the carry on bag we had shared for the last 18 years was really showing signs of wear and tear.  The zipper was coming away from the fabric from years of overstuffing it.  So we treated outselves to a new Samsonite under seat rolling Carry on bag.  It seems durable, is super organized and was only $59.99.  Worth it.

Samsonite Under Seat Carry On Bag

Neck Pillow

I have never used one of these little neck pillows before, but it seemed like a good idea for our long flights.  Love the slogan!


Travel Hacks

I have been doing a lot of research  on packing.  One travel hack I saw multiple times was to use an oven mitt for hot styling tools when you have to pack up quick.  I picked one up for a dollar and think it will work great.

Since we will be traveling in Europe and will need to use an adapter, I packed a power strip.  That way we will only need one adapter for the strip but can plug in multiple items.  Brilliant!

My own travel hack is to pack a flattented duffel bag in case we need an extra bag coming back.  That way we don’t have to buy a new bag or exceed bag weight.  It works great to put all the dirty laundry in and then makes room in the luggage for treasures we find.

Travel Update: Delta had mechanical issues on our 6:17pm flight Wednesday. They tried and failed at taking off and finally deboarded us after 3 hours.

We were told the flight would leave at 5:30am then it got pushed to 8am. Finally they just cancelled it. No good flight options, no hotels available and really bad Guest Service for helping 300 passengers navigate flight changes.

Mark and I have been living like hobos napping on the floor and living off Delta food vouchers. Hopefully we take off direct to London at 10:30pm but we will miss all activities with our tour group in London. We will log 31 hours of airport living.

Shout out to the Delta Twitter Response Team for getting us some compensation after I poked them a bit.

Still hoping to rebound with some great experiences in Europe.

Fingers Crossed!


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