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Thinking Outside the box

I thought you might appreciate some crafty ways to keep your Travels near and dear on a daily basis.  We all end up with a ton of vacation photos and a bunch of memorabelia after taking a great trip.  But what do you do with it all?  I have assembled a few good ideas for some creative ways to store and display  your treasures instead of stuffing it in a drawer.

I am sharing some cool photos from my daughter Maggie’s living room.  The maps on the letters are where they are from on one, and the other is the first big trip she took with her boyfriend, Austin.  She found these awesome vintage suitcases at a nearby thrift store.  They even have monograms by the handles.  It’s fun to imagine all the places they have been, but for now they make a great addition to her adventure theme living room.

Pinterest has tons of  Travel keepsake projects and DIY crafts you can use maps for.  Some of my favorites are greeting cards, gift bags, gift tags, and photo album covers or pages.  I also really like these Martha Stewart Travel Boxes I found there.   Last year for a gift, I made Maggie a set of 4 coasters covered with maps of places she and Austin had gone to on their adventures.  I’m not all that crafty, but I followed the instructions carefully and they came out pretty cute.   These are great ways to keep your memories close or personalize a gift for a friend.



DIY: Martha Stewart Travel Boxes

Here are a few DIY Projects I like from Travel Channel

I like this idea for your travel savings bank.  Insert a backdrop photo or map for wherever your next adventure will be and then start saving.

This shadow box is a cool way to exhibit memorabilia you collect on your journies.  I always have museum tickets, and small items from my trips that I am not sure what to do with once I get home.  Incorporating those items into a neat display keeps your trinkets out of a dusty box and reminds you of your adventure.


I always struggle with what to do with my vacation photos.  There are actually a lot of choices.   After our trip to Italy, I transferred our photos to a flash drive which I play on a digital photo frame my Son got me.   My friend Phung introduced me to a great photo editor app called FOTOR.  With it you can edit your photos and/or build collages.  The basic app is free but as is with most apps, you can add on extra fancy stuff for a small upcharge.  If you have lots of time and a creative side, scrapbooking is a nice way to show off your adventure photos.


If you are looking for a little shortcut for your scrapbook, try the Photobooks App.  It is a free app and easy to use.  There is no fee for creating the book as long as you stay within the allotted number of pages, otherwise there is a small charge per each extra page.  There is a small shipping charge for each book.  There are tons of options for cover designs, page colors, text styles, stickers and backgrounds to give it your personal touch.

FreePrints is a photo printing app from the same app developer as Photobooks.  You get 85 free prints per month and they ship them directly to your house for a small shipping fee.  There are many opportunities to earn bonus upgrades or get a special deal when ordering from one of these apps to use at the other.  If you plan well, you can get a lot of bang for your buck.

Another idea for you is to repurpose things you already have.  I have some good sized prints that have gone out of style but the frames and mats are great.  I plan to choose a few of my favorite photos to enlarge and replace them with.  Take a look around at your frames or other displays to see if you have any that you can freshen them up.

I hope you have been inspired to be creative with your Travel photos and memorabelia.  Feel free to leave a comment with one of your favorite Travel Related Crafts or photo ideas.

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