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Welcome to April

Today was a bit disappointing.  It was a reality check of sorts.  Since today started a new month, I flipped the page from March to April in my big planning calendar.  Good think I always write in pencil and have plenty of erasers.  I have quite a list of things that will now not be happening, at least not the way I had planned them.  I am sure you do as well.


Our 30th Wedding Anniversary

A milestone.  I mean we will be together, but we wont be able go out to a nice dinner or a movie or anything like that.   I haven’t even been able to feel good about booking the reservations for our anniversary trip to Portugal this fall yet.  We got locked down just as I got all the parts lined up and was ready to do it.

Would a roll of TP be a good gift for this?


No making baskets for my grown kids, their dog and my husband this year.  No making a big meal for everyone with that crazy orange jello stuff made with marshmallows (ambrosia).

New James Bond Movie release

Sigh…..I had so been looking forward to this.  Last one with Daniel Craig.  They had the foresight to postpone it until November in hopes people would actually be able to come out to the theaters at that time.

Oh, I will be there!

My Birthday

That’s ok, but I will miss seeing my kids and the Grand Dog.

Wednesday Night Trivia League

I am that nerd that plays on a Trivia League with a bunch of my crazy friends every week.  We are very competitive and really good too.  It is something I look forward to each week.  Not only challenging my memory and making me sift through the abundant stockpile of useless knowledge I possess, but getting out to socialize with my people.

My 6 week Appointment with my Hairdresser

The length I can deal with.  But the roots are going to get real interesting by the end of this.  Brace yourselves for a lovely skunk stripe.  My hairdresser put out a PSA on Instagram imploring us not to try to use boxed color because it ruins your hair. Everyone will be rescheduling so getting a new appointment could be difficult….but she is worth it.

This could get ugly.

Girls Getaway Trip to Arizona with my Daughter

This one is the hardest.  My daughter and I take a trip together every year.  It’s great to go exploring and enjoy hanging out together.  Our trip this year was to Arizona to visit one of my Best Friends who lives there.  We were going to add on some hikes in Sedona and a brief visit to the Grand Canyon as well.  The timing was one of those things that was critical to the success of this trip. It worked well for 3 busy people and their schedules.  When I cancelled the trip, I got vouchers from the 2 airlines.   It will be difficult to get it rescheduled later this year, so it might not happen until next spring now.  Ugh!!!!


Real World Problems

I feel so bad for the High School Seniors this year who are missing out on Prom, Sports and potentially even Graduation.  They have worked their whole educational career to get to these milestone events only to have them suddenly taken away.  I am sure they are experiencing a myriad of emotions right now.  Support them however you can!


Some Things I am Grateful For

  • I am able to work safely from my home and still earn a pay check
  • My husband is still working and getting a paid
  • I have not gotten the virus which is very important since I have health conditions (including asthma) that could make it pretty nasty for me
  • None of my grown kids or my husband have contracted the virus
  • Positive social media posts
  • The weather is going to start getting nicer so we can get outside more


I am Most Thankful for are my Amazing Friends

Many of my friends are on the front lines right now working in hospitals.  They don’t get the luxury of working from home where it is safe, instead they are out there every day risking their safety to help their patients.  They aren’t griping about all the unimportant little things like I am, they just want enough Staff and PPE to be able to do their jobs.  Love and respect to them!

Another large group of my friends work in the Service Industry which has basically been shut down for several weeks now.  They are out of work and jumping through hoops trying to get unemployment filed in a state with a really outdated and currently overloaded system.  Waiting for unemployment and government stimulus funds that they have been promised to come in so they can pay their bills and survive.

Important Things We Can All Do

  • Stay Home
  • Wash our Hands
  • Social Distance
  • Help others if you can
  • Check in on your people regularly

Final Thoughts

Although I know I shouldn’t be whining with everything that is going on right now,  I still cant help feeling a bit disappointed. I was really just musing at how much of my life will be different than I had planned for it to me this month.  Most of these things really weren’t that big of a deal, but some of them were kind of important to me.

In the big picture all that really matters, is that my friends and family remain safe and well and that everyone finds a way to weather the storm and come out the other side ok.  We could all use some sunshine and to find our way back to normal!

We are all in this together, stay safe and stay sane!