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Thank You Notes

Since we are at the end of the year, I wanted to share my travel highs and lows for 2018.  To do so  I would like to offer up some Travel themed Thank You Notes (in the style of Jimmy Fallon only not quite as funny).  Some of these are real thanks, while others are a bit more tongue in cheek.

The Lows

Thank You Delta Airlines….

My husband and I planned and saved for over a year for a European Tour of 7 Countries.  Thank You to Delta Airlines for substituting my time in London with 30 hours at Detroit Metro Airport.  I now know where all the water bottle refill stations, bathrooms and cell phone charging ports are located.


Thank you Hotel NH – Heidelberg….

Thank you Hotel NH for keeping your overhead costs down by only having one employee on staff for our group of 50 during dinner service.  I am pretty sure he made our food,  served it, and ran the bar all while manning the front desk too.  Bravo for dinner turning into a 3 hour affair.


Thank you Marriott…..

Thank you Marriott/SPG for this years Loyalty Member rewards.  First our points transferred incorrectly during the account merger, then there was the “29 Ways to Stay” daily points giveaway game that didn’t work properly and now we find out SURPRISE our personal data has been breached.   It really pays off being loyal.


The Highs


Thank you to Southwest Airlines…..

No really, thank you Southwest.  When all the big guys like United and American were hiking up their bag fees this year, you stayed true to your no bag fees policy.  The other airlines could learn a thing or two from you about building Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction.


Thank you Elizabeth Wray of AAA Travel….

While stuck for 30 hours at DTW after our flight was cancelled, you helped us successfully navigate new flights that Delta wasn’t even offering us.  Thank you Elizabeth for being awesome in our time of crisis and always being a great Travel Agent.


Thank you Trafalgar Tours….

We had a great time on our 2 week tour of Europe (once we got there).  Thank you Trafalgar for navigating all the logistics involved to make this trip happen.  Not only did you book us into fabulous hotels, but you arranged all the coaches, ferries, boats and gondolas to get us where we were going.  Couldn’t have done it without you!


Thank you Alamo….

My daughter and I were traveling together and feeling  a bit anxious about how our car rental would go in Dallas.  Thank you Alamo for having wonderful people and providing an excellent experience for us.  Next time I fly into DFW and need to rent a car, you will be my number one choice.


Thank you Your Mileage May Vary….

Thank you to Joe and Sharon of  Your Mileage May Vary  for writing both fun and useful articles that helped me learn and grow this year.  I appreciate that each time I reached out to them with a question, they were always patient, supportive and gave me great advice.


Thank you to the Readers…..

Thank you to all the Readers of The World According to Dev.  This was my first year blogging and it was a learning experience.  Thank you Readers for sticking with me and I hope you all keep reading in the New Year.


I can’t wait to see what the 2019 Travel year brings! 


I leave you with a Mission:

Please share your own Best or Worst 2018  Travel Experiences as a Thank You Note in the Comments so we can all smile along with you.