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Parking Apps

I am a Budget Traveler.  One thing I really hate is being held hostage by hotels that charge huge fees for on site parking!  We struggled with it on our last trip to Portland, Oregon and I am struggling with it again for our upcoming trip to the island of Oahu in Hawaii.


This week I read an article, The 45 Best Travel Apps, by Scott’s Cheap Flights.  One of my take aways from this read was the BEST PARKING app.  I noticed that there are several other options in the App Store as well.




I downloaded the app and tried plugging in  a few searches and the results were a bit hard to follow.  I am not sure if will be MY favorite yet.  I think I will need to try it out in real time to get a better feel for it. My town doesn’t have metered parking or parking garages, so I will have to plan a trip to a nearby city to test it further.   In the meantime, I ask for your feedback on Parking Apps.  I want something fast, easy and accurate.


Do you use a Parking App?

  • If so which one?
  • Why do you like it?
  • Is it Accurate and Easy to Use?


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