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Savoring Some Slow Time Off

With a large amount of PTO each year and a Use it or Lose it policy, I have become accustomed to taking some Time off between Christmas and New Years.  This is the one time of year when I take PTO that is not designated for Travel. Well I must say that I was really  able to enjoy my time off this year.   It was very refreshing to both be able to slow down and have time to get things in order for the New Year.  I feel ready for 2020.


The Busy Season

Beginning around Thanksgiving, things really seem to dial up and our to-do list is suddenly a mile long. On top of that are the added number of functions we must find time to attend and the sheer number of people everywhere that we go. This level of go go go and then go some more makes me a bit anxious.

Although I love the end result of a lovely holiday spent with my immediate family, I find the process of achieving it to be a bit exhausting. Shuffling schedules, planning menus, preparing our home and gathering the necessary supplies often leaves me feeling drained. And we are all stretched equally as far, so our tolerances are a bit thin creating the perfect storm for minor skirmishes along the way.


What’s Different

This year my son wasn’t able to make it home until a few days after Christmas because of his work schedule. So I shifted my PTO so that my time off went further into January in order to enjoy his visit. This was the first time ever that we had not all been together on Christmas Day, which was a bit weird for everyone. But we all got to celebrate together on the 29th. It actually turned out quite nicely once we embraced it.

Although it was a bit distressing as we tried to lay out our holiday schedule this year, I don’t think it will be as weird if we have to plan the holiday like this again in the future.  We’ve tested it now and know that it can work if we need to go that route, and it wasn’t that bad.  Frankly, it may have even worked a bit better for some.


All Good Things Must Come to an End

The extra time off after Christmas gave me a bit of time to slow down, reflect, find my center and recover and regroup from the holiday hustle and bustle. It gave me an opportunity to take my time and box up the holiday decor, create some nice dinners and prepare budgets and such for this New Year. There were even quiet times! I love the occasional window of quiet that allows my brain to focus and plan.

Today will be my first day back to work after my holiday time off. As much as I enjoyed recharging my batteries and getting my life in order this last week or so, I also like the comfort and structure of my regular routine.  I am also ready to get back to regular meals, daily walks, and our usual weekly schedule.

On we go into the new year!