Planning Our Next BIG Trip

In April of 2020 my husband and I will celebrate our 30th Wedding Anniversary. Time has certainly flown by!  I like to celebrate anniversaries with a trip.  We have always loved to travel together.  He always goes along with the crazy adventures I plan.  We have so much fun together!

For our 10th we were on a low-budget so we took a Carnival Cruise.  I feel like cruises are affordable since most of your travel, lodging and food are included.   It was a nice cruise out of New Orleans that had us in town for the French Quarter Festival and then back for Easter parades. The cruise stopped in Cozumel – Mexico, Georgetown – Grand Cayman and Montego Bay – Jamaica. It was an exciting 5 days full of activities and beaches with bonus parades and entertainment while we were in New Orleans.

For our 20th there was no real big trip.  But that was ok.   The economy was terrible  and  we were busy planning a graduation for our oldest and getting ready to send him off to college.  A big trip just wasn’t in the cards that year.

For our 25th we did it up with a 2 week tour of Italy.  Fabuloso!  Love, love, loved it! We explored Italy from top to bottom (not quite all the way to the toe). A highlight on that trip was getting  to spend my birthday in Venice complete with a gondola ride and serenade. Unbelievable. I really love Italy. We had the best time.


Other non-anniversary trips we have taken the last few years 

  • Inner Harbor – Baltimore, MD (Not FOR our anniversary, but it fell on our anniversary….)
  • Several trips to Texas (including one road trip adventure from MI with stops in Memphis, San Antonio and a few days on the beach at N. Padre Island)
  • Lots of trips to Traverse City, MI
  • Petoskey, MI
  • Oh yeah, and 14 days in Europe this year. (London, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, and France)

Over the years we have taken several trips to Disney World (including part of our honeymoon), Myrtle Beach, and Las Vegas. I am looking for something different this time. I just don’t know what.

Not a cruise. We have done 2 and they served there purpose at the times we took them, but not my favorite type of trip.

We talked about Alaska, but just didn’t get stoked when we researched it like we usually do when planning an adventure.  Maybe in a few more years.

Mark is not a fan of toooo much adventure so no eco-trips to Costa Rica. Drat! (He has a no bug net rule and doesn’t really love heights).  I am definitely an adventurer and  I don’t relax well. I need something to keep me engaged at all times.

This is where you guys come in, I need your suggestions for where we should go. Someplace amazing and full of Mark speed adventure!

Places we have considered (but any place is still fair game):

  • Road trip out West
  • Scotland and Ireland
  • Bali (more my flavor than Marks)
  • Portugal and Spain
  • Alaska
  • Sicily, Sardinia, +/or Malta
  • Greece
  • Northwest US and Vancouver
  • Venice>Milan>Paris to do things we didn’t have time for on our last trips
  • Key West
  • Australia/New Zealand

For big vacations I start planning about a year out. Doing the research, figuring out the best approach, planning the budget and getting the most bang for our buck. So I need to start planning as we roll into 2019.


I want you guys to leave your comments, thoughts and suggestions. Pull from your travel experiences, memorable vacations or places you have always wanted to go to help us pick a destination.

Keep in mind Mark likes beer and beaches and I like history and adventure!  I would cage dive with sharks, he would watch from the boat.  A fine combination.

Looking forward to your comments!