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Becoming a Master of “Something” While Staying at Home

Many of us have spent a lot of time at home due to the Corona Virus. During that time I have noticed people dusting off old skills and learning some new ones.  Everyone is now a Master of “something.” And that is ok. We are all getting through this in our own way.

The most common new personas I have seen are:

  • The Domestic Goddess
  • The Home Chef
  • The DIY Project Manager
  • The Bartender
  • Zoom Master
  • Super Gardener
  • Puzzle Pro
  • Extreme Exercise Enthusiest 
  • Yoga Guru
  • Hobbyist

I think it’s great. Peoples yards look amazing and many are even creating new flower beds and vegetable gardens.

People are eating more family meals together at home than they did before. So why not use this time to up their culinary game.

It seems like everyone is either posting that they have just baked some fresh bread, a new dessert or some banana bread. Yum! Some are expanding their cooking skills by trying new recipes or kitchen techniques.

I also know a lot of people doing DIY and remodeling projects around their homes. Sprucing up their bathroom, painting or refinishing furnishings. Hey, why not, we have the time.

Because we are cooped up inside for the most part, people are walking, hiking and biking more. It’s so helpful to us mentally to be getting exercise, fresh air and sunshine. And Yoga is helping people with both their physical and mental strength.

People are learning bartending, discovering bird watching, putting together elaborate puzzles in order to stay busy. And because they miss hanging out together, they have gone virtual with Zoom board game nights, happy hours and celebrations.

It’s amazing to see how creative people are becoming and how their hidden talents are coming to the surface.

I hope one positive thing we take away from all this is learning to slow down and enjoy life. We should continue to spend quality time together with the people we love and keep pursuing all of our new found passions.

Have you become a Master of Something while staying at home?