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Another Way to Avoid Hotel Fees

I have always been a budget traveler, but really just started using points, miles and loyalty accounts over the last 2 years.  I feel like I am doing pretty well but there is still a ton of stuff that I don’t know or understand.  That’s why I follow the experts on social media and read, read, read.  I learn a lot of little nuggets that I squirrel away until the time is right.

I have recently written a few posts about how much I object to Hotel Resort Fees, which are mandatory hotel fees for services we didn’t request.  We are not given the option to say, “no thanks” they just get slapped on our bills.  I followed that up with a post on how to find some value in resort fees if you cant avoid them.

Fees, Fees, Fees!

Hotel Resort Fees: Looking for Some Kind of Value in These Unavoidable Fees


My Latest Nugget

Let’s call this the 3rd installment of my Resort Fees Trilogy.  Another option is to avoid those Resort fees by booking Reward Nights through Hilton or Hyatt.  These two properties waive the Resort Fees if you are booking Reward Nights (not just points plus cash).  This is great news if you can choose one of their properties when staying in an area where all of the hotels have Resort Fees.

On our upcoming trip to Oahu, I booked 3 Reward nights at a Hyatt.  Not only did I save the $220 nightly cost of the room, I also saved the additional $35 per night Resort Fee.  Winning at a total savings of $765.  Guess I wont feel so guilty about splurging a little on our other hotel nights now!


It’s these little pieces of travel savings information which you acquire through reading and learning from others, that become building blocks for YOUR travel. When you have enough pieces and stack them up just right, you can make any trip affordable.  Hope you start gathering a few blocks and see how you can stack them up for savings on your next trip.


Dream, Plan, Save, Adventure…….and always do the research!