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What a Trip to the Grocery Store Means to ME….

Yeah, I dread grocery shopping just like most people. But I like to cook, so I am at the store about twice per week. Since I am always trying to find ways to save money to squirrel away for travel and adventures, I now look at grocery shopping differently.

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  • I utilize a list and try to keep to it
  • I review the circular for sales or promotions while making my list
  • Yep, I still cut a few paper coupons and I try to use them when items are on sale for real savings
  • I take advantage of my grocery store’s rewards program that has extra deals, digital coupons and grocery discounts plus spend rewards
  • I get money back from Rebate Apps like Ibotta & Checkout 51
  • I scan my receipt to the Fetch App for points toward gift cards for Hotels, Airlines, Air BnB or Cruises (They have lots of other non travel options too)
  • I used to pay for groceries with my debit card, but I have switched to a credit card that earns Travel miles or one that I am working toward a Bonus spend requirement on.

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So I am still buying the same stuff, but now I am letting it earn me points, rewards and cash back for travel.

Shopping Smarter & Saving More!!