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My Five Favorite F’s of Fall

One thing I love about living in Michigan, is we really get all four seasons.  Fall may be my favorite time of year.  You get a blend of beautiful sunny days mixed with cooler crisp ones. What we do and how we do it all change as the days get shorter and the weather starts to chill.  Even my favorite colors match those you see as the leaves change colors.

Here are my Five Favorite F’s of Fall


Farm Markets & Fruit Picking

Although I visit farm markets all through the summer, I love how they evolve in the fall.  Summer veggies are replaced by squash, apples, and pumpkins.  Hanging baskets of petunias and geraniums become big pots of red, orange, yellow and purple mums.  Vendors bring cider and apples and jars of jams made from fruit harvested in the summer.  We make trips to the Apple Orchard for Cider, donuts and apples.  Sometimes we are able to pick them ourselves and other times we just buy big bags to bring home for snacking.  I really love Spyes to make pie with.




The days get shorter and the leaves begin to turn and with the cool weather comes football.  Hot chocolate and tartan blankets keep us warm while we huddle in the stands with friends, neighbors or fellow fans.  Everyone breaks out their jersey and gear to support their favorite team.  And who doesn’t love a game day tailgate celebration with all the food and festivities.  Football gives us all something to come together and cheer for.  For my husband and I it even means making a trip to Texas to visit our son and take in a Texas A&M football game. Gig’em Aggies!



Family & Friends

It seems like once Labor Day passes, Bam it’s Halloween then before you know it Thanksgiving has arrived. Fall always brings more opportunities to be around family and friends.  Hayrides, Bonfires and Get Togethers keep us busy.  This makes the season pass quickly….sometimes a little too quickly!  Embrace those moments before cold winter comes along.


Fall is also a time to pack away our shorts and swimsuits and pull out our jeans and cozy sweaters.  T-shirts get replaced by hoodies and flannels with thick socks and boots.  Warm coats must once again become part of our day to day outfits accented with cute hats and scarves.  Bright hues and pastel colors turn just like the leaves into browns, greens, reds and oranges.


We tend to eat lighter fair filled with salads and fresh veggies during the summer. When Fall arrives, we spend a little less time grilling and break out the crock pot for hearty soups and stews. Recipes that had been lying dormant all summer for ghoulash, and pot roast find there way back to the dinner table once more.  We begin to heat up the oven in order to make comfort foods for all those chilly days.




I just love Fall!