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Meet Ogma Brewing

My husband Mark and I have a lot of fun adventures checking out Breweries, Wineries, Ale Trails and Distilleries all around our great state of Michigan.  That being said, I am super excited to introduce you to Ogma Brewing, a new Brewery opening later this year in Jackson Michigan.

The Brewery is located in downtown Jackson which has been experiencing a revitalization with a steady upward trend in growth and development over the last few years.   This makes it the perfect place to plant the seeds and watch a new business grow.

The guys at Ogma have been developing the idea to open a brewery for over 5 years.  The Team selected a site that was very familiar to them, the old Thunderbird Cafe building. Not only does this site hold a lot of significance to them as a former hang out, it also provides them with a perfect central location to draw in an optimum amount of local business.


The guys at Ogma hope to create a welcoming space that expresses their unique styles.  When the build is completed, the Brewery will hold around 50 people keeping the space intimate and developing a culture of community.

Beer will be brewed on site using a 7 Barrel system.  Ogma plans to offer 6 of their own beers on tap with room for 2 “Guest Beers” from other local breweries.  They will brew a variety of Standard beer styles, but will also develop some inventive small batch beers to keep things interesting.


The Founders of Ogma Brewing are Andrew Volk along with brothers Kevin and Troy Craft.  Each member possesses a unique skill set that brings a lot to the Team.

Andrew’s background is in Business and Marketing so he will be in charge of Marketing, Brand Development, Media and Online Sales.  These are crucial areas for the success of a young business.

Kevin will use his years of experience in construction as the Project Manager.  He will keep the build both on schedule and on budget.  Kevin will also support Troy in the brewing process.

Troy spent 8 years learning the brewing craft at Dark Horse Brewing. While working there, he learned every level in the brewery business rising from Packaging to Head Brewer.  Now he will be making the magic happen as Ogma’s Brewer.

Photo Credit: Duimstra Imagry


Now that you know a little something about Ogma Brewing, I hope you will support their Kickstarter Campaign which runs from 2/1/19 through 3/7/19.  The Team has set a goal to raise $25,000 in order to help them complete their project and bring their dream to life.




  1. Show some Support – Go to the Kickstarter Page and donate a little cash in exchange from some excellent Rewards.
  2. Spread the Word – Share the Link to the Kickstarter Page with your friends via Social Media in order to help Ogma reach as many people as possible.
  3. Cheer them on – Follow their journey on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Not only does it take blood, sweat and tears to start a new business, it also takes a whole lot of faith, desire and determination.  Let’s band together as a community to show Ogma Brewing our love and support for all the hard work they are putting into this project.

Be sure to grab a beer and a bite at Ogma Brewing when they open this fall.  Bring some friends!

See you there…I will be wearing my Sweet Ogma Brewing Kickstarter Hoodie!




A special thanks to Andrew for taking the time to give us a tour, for answering all my questions and sharing the Brewery’s vision with us.