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Virgin Voyages

I have said MANY times, cruises are not my thing. But Sir Richard Branson really gets me. His new cruise line, Virgin Voyages, is as unique as he is and designed for people like me who don’t like cruises.

First of all he created his own cruise port in Miami for his ships to sail from. Virgin Voyages has it’s own exclusive beach day stop in the Bahamas on the island of Bimini. Sir Richard has said that he never wanted to take a cruise, so he changed all the things that he didn’t like about standard cruises. Genius!

  • Cruises are for guests 18 and over. So No kiddos!!
  • The Ships are designed like luxury mega yachts.
  • There is no group dining, instead there are several nice restaurants you can Choose from to dine in that are included in your cruise cost.
  • Expect the most cutting edge technologies in your room and around the ship.
  • He has replaced those garish cruise shows with Cool Events, Up and Coming DJ’s and Live Gigs.
  • You can transform your room configuration and lighting with the touch of a button.
  • Many items that are extras with regular cruise lines will be included in your cost with Virgin Voyages. Items like WiFi, meals, basic drinks (not liquor), fitness classes and gratuities will be build in to your cruise price.
  • Ships are designed to be eco friendly utilizing sustainable technologies, banning unnecessary single-use plastics, and thoughtfully sourcing food and retail merchandise.

What I like about Branson is he looks at things different than most people. He thinks outside the box and surrounds himself with extremely creative people. Not only is he just a fun and super cool guy, he is a humanitarian and philanthropist.

They began booking on February 14, 2019 for cruises in 2020.

I believe that I would actually give Virgin Voyages a try!  How bout you?