Give me ALL the points!

Recently, I wrote a post reminding everyone to keep on top of Temporary Bonus Points and offers on their credit cards.  I have changed my usual payment methods around to take advantage of some of these short term high points return categories that the credit card companies are offering during COVID-19.

Many of those temporary rates will end on July 31st, which got me thinking.  Since I am on a points run right now, how can I continue earning at a higher level after those limited time offers fall off?

I have calculated how much I spend per month on groceries (it has definitely increased since Covid-19 started) and I plan to buy enough grocery store gift cards before the offers end to cover up to two months of purchases. After all. we will always need groceries.   If I use the Hilton Surpass card at the temporary higher rate to pay for those gift cards, I will get 12 points per dollar for those purchases. That means I could still earn about 12,000 extra Hilton points or 4,000 points if I used a Delta card offering 4 points per dollar (since Delta is usually only 1 point per dollar for most spend 4 points is actually a big deal).

In addition, I plan to take advantage of the new Amex offer for $5 back on $10+ purchases at small businesses. This offer can be used up to 10 times through the end of September. It will work great at places like the local meat market, coffee shop or pizza joint.

Chase has also just added some new offers on their Sapphire cards that are good July 1st through September 30. Two of the included offers are for higher points returns on gas and streaming services (how many points depend on which Sapphire card you have). I think it is worth switching our streaming service over for those 3 months in order to get more points back on a purchase we were already planning to make.

Just like the Coronavirus is a fluid situation, so are these temporary offers and benefits from credit card companies. You have to pay attention to the website and any emails they are sending out to make sure you don’t miss new deals as they are offered. I never like to leave money on the table, so if I can make a simple switch or two to earn more points, I do it. I hope you are taking advantage of these offers as well.

It’s simply earning more points now to use for awesome travel later!