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Scottsdale Xeriscape Botanical Gardens

While we were visiting Phoenix recently, our friend Steffany, took us to the Scottsdale Xeriscape Botanical Gardens. We parked on the far side of Chapparal Park and strolled through the playing fields, the dog park and past a lovely lake before arriving at our destination.

There is no admission cost to visit the Scottsdale Xeriscape Gardens.

My daughter and I were very excited to see Arizona desert plants. It was nice to have so many varieties all in one area and we really appreciated the signage identifying each species. We also enjoyed learning about how water conservation and collection methods help to maintain the gardens.

The Scottsdale Xeriscape Garden at Chaparral Park provides an educational resource where growing regionally appropriate plants also grows public awareness to reduce outdoor water use, fosters development of sustainable landscaping and enlists community participation to conserve water resources for the future. 

The garden, which is a National Wildlife Federation Certified Wildlife Habitat, conceals a buried 5.5 million gallon reservoir from the adjacent Chaparral Water Treatment Plant and showcases over 7,000 plants and 200 species. Through signage and an interactive plant guide, park visitors can learn about low-water use plants and trees, water harvesting and other tips for caring for desert landscape.

City of Scottsdale

Traditional Desert Plants

  • Octopus Agave
  • Desert scape featuring Ocatillo
  • Barrel Cactus and flowering shrub
  • Cactus
  • Saguaro cactus with Prickly Pear (Opuntia)

Colors Too

  • Hot pink Bougainvillea
  • Orange Bells
  • Rosy pink Bougainvillea
  • Blue glow agave
  • Yellow Lantana

The areas I liked best were those where several types of plants were grouped together mixing different colors and textures to create more visual interest.

One of my favorite things at the garden were the Palo Verde Trees. Not only did they have cool alien green bark they were also covered with beautiful yellow blooms.

Final Thoughts

I am glad that we chose to visit the Scottsdale Xeriscape Gardens. Coming from a completely different climate (Michigan) I really enjoyed our walk through this garden and the chance to see so many different types of desert plants. Earth Month was also the perfect time to visit and learn about how they practice water harvesting and conservation in order to sustainably maintain the gardens. I fully recommend checking out the gardens if you are visiting the Phoenix area.


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