New Limited Time Credit Card Offers for Gas and Groceries!

As the first round of Covid related temporary credit card bonuses is getting set to end on 7/31/20, Chase has just sent out some notifications for new ones.  I received notices today from both IHG and Southwest inviting me to activate offers for a 5 times points return on gas and grocery purchases from August 1st through September 30th.

During the first batch of bonuses each of these cards had only offered 3 points per dollar spent on groceries, so this is an even heftier little boost.  Since both the Delta offer for 4 points per dollar on groceries and the Hilton Surpass offer for 12 points are falling away, I may be switching my qualifying spend to one of these cards during this new promotion.  However, I am keeping my eyes open. If Chase is adding new limited time offers, other credit card companies may soon follow.

Remember if you plan to utilize these latest Chase grocery offers, you must activate them first in order to earn the bonus points!  We have to buy groceries so we might as well take advantage of these offers to earn points for our future travels.


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