Exploring restaurants throughout the US from the safety of our own homes

Since most of us are staying close to home due to the pandemic this year, there are a lot of things that we feel we are missing out on.  Of course the obvious is travel.  Seeing our family, taking a cruise or flying off somewhere new to explore.  But one of the biggest things I miss about adventuring is eating wherever we wander.

Trying whatever dish is a local staple when we travel is a priority for me.  Visiting the North Shore in Hawaii, grab some garlic shrimp at Giovanni’s.  Dinner out in Paris, try the escargot in garlic and white wine sauce.  Heading to the Texas, feasting on some amazing BBQ.  You get the picture.  I like to eat!

We have always been big supporters of local businesses over chain restaurants.  Even more so since Covid-19 has made it so hard for them to survive.  I was happy when American Express added the Small Business Offer this month on most of their credit cards.  Both my husband and I have activated this offer on one of our cards.  It allows you to get a $5 statement credit every time you shop/eat local and use your registered American Express card to pay.  You can use this offer up to 10 times per card through September.  Each of us have used the offer about 6 times now, mostly for local take out or grabbing a pint on the patio at our favorite local brewery.

Recently, American Express added another offer to their cards for Goldbelly food delivery service.  The offer is for a $10 statement credit on orders of $50+ and you can use the offer up to 3 times through September 16th.  . Goldbelly is different from Uber Eats, Door Dash or Grub Hub that employs people to deliver foods you order locally to your door.  Instead, Goldbelly partners with restaurants all over the country and they actually ship the food to you.  For example, if you want lobster rolls from Maine, Gumbo from New Orleans or Pizza from Chicago you just order on their site and they deliver it to you. Goldbelly also offers subscriptions, restaurant meal kits and gourmet food gift options.

With our ability to visit our favorite places being more limited this year, this is a great option for having a bit of travel dining delivered right to our door. You might look at the prices and think that it is a bit expensive, but you are helping these restaurants continue to thrive.  That’s a good thing if you still want them to be there when we are free to travel again.  Besides, I know I would have spent a good deal more dining out if I had been traveling this year, so why not splurge a bit for something fun from Goldbelly.

I first heard of Goldbelly from Phil Rosenthal the creator of the Netflix show Somebody Feed Phil.  Not only is he an avid eater, he has a phil-anthropic heart and does his best to help support the restaurant community. I follow him on Instagram and he regularly posts IG stories depicting food his family has ordered from their favorite restaurants through Goldbelly.  It looks like they have really enjoyed some great meals at home this way.

2020 is the year of reinventing the wheel and finding new ways to scratch our travel itch.  I have activated the offer on both of our American Express cards and plan to try it out soon. If it all works well, I will continue to place additional orders from restaurants across the US while the offer is available.   Eating my way around the country from the safety of my own home.


If you have used Goldbelly, I would love to hear your thoughts about the service and the best places you have ordered from.