Why I made a Grocery Run Today

Time is running out on the temporary high bonus categories added to credit cards during Covid-19.  Most of these limited time offers run out on 7/31/20.  So this weekend I did a Grocery Run.  I thought I was going to need a bigger car to load all these groceries into!

Since credit card companies frown on the purchase of gift cards, I decided to stock up on literally everything that I could.  I heavily purchased items that would hold up like laundry tabs, dish soap, health and beauty items, cleaning supplies, packaged meats (like bacon or smoked sausage), canned goods, and other shelf stable products.  Along with those, I purchased as many perishables as I could without them spoiling.  I hate food waste.



Yesterday, I also paid a visit to our local meat market and purchased a few weeks worth of meat for our freezer.  They have amazing meat and I only spent $46 for 3 full bags.  I put those purchases on my husband’s Delta card which is still earning 4x points on grocery purchases.  We have used that card for almost all of our groceries since they added the temporary grocery bonus.  Last statement we made $600 in purchases that counted as grocery spend on that card which netted us 2400 Delta points.  We hope to take some international trips next year and the Delta points will be very useful.

For today’s grocery run, I was using the Hilton Honors Surpass card which is temporarily earning 12x points per dollar on grocery purchases.  I wanted to get one big shopping trip in to boost the points on that card as well.  My goal was to spend $200 today and I actually came in at $192 which is pretty close.  This nets us 2312 Hilton points for 1 shopping trip.  We hope to stock up enough Hilton points to use for a big resort stay next year.


Final Thoughts

I am thankful that credit card companies provided these limited time earning opportunities while we couldn’t focus much on travel, just on earning points.  The pandemic doesn’t even feel close to being over, so I hope that they will add a new round of bonus categories when these end.  Since I don’t have a crystal ball to know though, I am taking advantage of these points earning opportunities while they last!



So who wants to help me put these 10 bags of groceries away?