My New Normal 2.0

The first week or so of the Stay at Home order, I had to move enough equipment from my office to begin working from home.  I really felt the isolation and was pretty down.  But as I became more comfortable with my new routine, I was able to relax, go with the flow and feel a bit better.  After all, this is just a temporary situation, right?

This being temporary was the carrot that was getting me through this.

Michigan is still under a Stay at Home order through 6/12. After having a really lovely long Memorial Day weekend at home full of sunshine and a combination of productivity and relaxation, I returned to my dreary basement office area on Tuesday morning.  That was when the bomb dropped.  During my regularly scheduled “Weekly Touch Base” meeting with my Boss, she let me know that our team would now be working from home long term.


Yep.  Like you gotta go in and pack up your office, long term.  This news crushed my hopes of ever returning to work with some sort of normalcy.  I never in my life planned on working full time from home.  I have to permanently convert my personal office space and move things around in my house to make this work long term.  There is no stipend offer from my employer to cover the increased costs of changing my heating/cooling program now that I am home during the day, or using my internet, personal cell phone or electricity.  But at least I still have a job, right?

Sadly, I guess this really is MY new normal.

It may take me a minute to feel ok about it though.