Hyatt and Headspace

In my opinion, Hyatt is one of the best hotel chains out there.  Their hotels are very nice,  affordably priced and Hyatt provides great customer service and benefits to their members and guests.  They also have a great selection of  different properties to choose from in their portfolio.

In January of this year, Hyatt added Headspace access through the World of Hyatt App for use by their Employees and their Guests.


What is Headspace you ask?

It is a site that supports mindfulness and personal wellness in your everyday life.  Along with offering guidance and support, they provide a number of tools, services, activities and helpful information on many topics.

  • Meditation
  • Sleep
  • Stress & Anxiety
  • Movement & Healthy Living
  • Coping Skills

In addition to a selection of free features on Headspace, there are also more advanced tools and trackers available which require a subscription fee to access.


Why Would Hyatt Do This?

Headspace was added to the Hyatt site for Guests to be able to utilize the Meditation and Sleep tools in order to help them achieve a great nights sleep during their stay.  It was also meant to be utilized by Hyatt’s Employees to tap into tips and tools to help improve their personal wellness.  Adding Headspace access was a way for Hyatt to show both Guests and Employees that Hyatt cares about them.


Why Does it Matter Right Now?

The Corona Virus pandemic is causing global chaos, stress, feelings of isolation and even depression for people struggling to deal with it.  I think right now is the perfect time to explore some of the tools offered by Headspace to help combat the anxiety and uncertainty we are all feeling about this awful disease and its effects.

The Headspace site offers great tools to help people cope with just these kind of issues. It is definitely worth checking out. 

How to Get Headspace

If you aren’t a Hyatt member or don’t have the World of Hyatt App, you can still find Headspace at the App Store.

Headspace is also available for free through the end of the year to people who work in health care in the US.

Final Thoughts

We could all use a little help and some zen in our lives right now! 

Stay Safe, Stay at Home and give Headspace a try to help you get through this.