Staying Safe From Covid19 When One Partner is Still Going to Work Outside the Home

A Shelter in Place Quarantine is hard. But I think it is just a little harder when you live with someone who is still working in the “Outside World”.  When you say it like that, it kind of sounds like a sci-fi movie. Then again it kind of feels like we are in a sci-fi movie right now.

Three Types of Couples during Covid19

  1. “Outies” – Both are still working outside the home
  2. “Innies” – Both are at staying home (best case scenario)
  3. “Split” – One is staying home but one is still working outside the home

We are Split

Since I have both Asthma and another serious disease that I manage, it is for the best that I be at home. I have been working from home since 3/16, and have actually started getting used to my new work from home routine. But my husband is still going to work every day which concerns me about the possibility of him bringing the virus home to me.  Scary.

Our Decontamination Love Story

In order to stay as safe as possible, I quickly put a daily “decontamination” process in place for when my husband comes home from work each day.  It’s ok if you laugh or think I am completely bonkers, this 10 minute process helps keep my anxiety under control.  Mark has been a great sport about actually doing it because he knows otherwise I might lose my mind. Nobody wants that.

First of all he is being careful at work to wash his hands often, he is practicing social distancing and makes sure to sanitize equipment that he will be using.  He even made his own mask to wear at work.

  1. When he arrives home he enters the house through the kitchen and goes straight to the sink which I have filled with dishwater. He washes his coffee mug, lunch dishes and thoroughly scrubs his hands.
  2. From there it is straight down to the laundry room, where he removes his work clothes and places them in a separate basket from any other laundry.
  3. After that he heads around the corner for a shower and clean clothes before interacting with me.  He has always had his own bathroom in our basement, so this works great since it is near the laundry room and I don’t use it often.

It’s the best we can do to minimize the risk. After that I pretty much treat him like normal ( lol, if you know us personally, that statement is way funnier).

A Social Distancing Love Story

Last week I talked to a man who delivers mail to Detroit via semi each day and he told me that although he is being as careful as he can to avoid exposure at work, because he is going into a major hot zone every day he is concerned about bringing the virus home to his wife. He is also practicing as much social distancing from her as possible at home including no smooching and sleeping in separate bedrooms. That’s love right there.

Front Line Workers

I know it is different for front line healthcare workers, they are having to be extra cautious, especially if they have kids at home too. In hot spot areas some are even staying in hotels or apartments to avoid exposing their families. I even saw a Doctor who had a tent set up in his garage.

These are crazy times, so we do some crazy stuff to protect those we love!

Stay Safe, Stay at Home, Wash Your Hands and hopefully we will all make it through this crisis soon.

What’s your Stay Safe Love Story?  Feel free to share it in the comments.