How Can We Safely Celebrate Easter in the Midst of Covid19

Covid19 has changed 2020 for everyone. The virus is so contagious that strict measures have been put into place to try to control it’s spread.  Social Distancing and Stay at Home orders have us from the things we like to do and kept us away from the people we love.

In hot spots like New York, women have delivered babies alone. Hospitalized patients with Covid19 have died without their families being allowed to be with them.

For our young people, they miss Attending School, Prom and Graduation. Things they have worked toward and looked forward to their whole life.

There were no St Paddy’s Day Parades or Pub Crawls with our friends or coworkers this year. Families have missed celebrating Weddings, Birthdays and now even Easter.

Some people, however, have gotten pretty creative in order to be able to share special moments with their friends and family. I have seen Drive By Parades for Birthdays, Virtual Happy Hours for hanging out with friends, and couples getting married on live stream.

Getting Creative and Thinking Outside the Box this Easter

If you are sheltering in place as a family, it’s a bit easier because you are already together. But for the Grandparents wanting to see the kiddos or adults looking forward to sharing a big family meal together it will be a little harder. Think of this is a challenge to find a new way to do an old thing.

  • Utilize FaceTime or Zoom to connect with family members
  • Watch church services on tv or via live stream
  • Do a porch drop delivery of food or goodies for older family members
  • Make a silly Easter video on Tik Tok to share with family
  • Send Easter cards, baskets or gifts

If you have any other great ideas to share, please leave them in the comments!

Harsh Facts On Gathering Together Right Now

I know people like to think that it won’t hurt to break the rules, just this once. But that is not true when it comes to this highly contagious disease. We’ve seen the news articles about family gatherings that have led to huge Covid19 outbreaks.

The Italian-American family in New Jersey that we’re infected with the virus at a big family dinner. At least 7 people contracted the disease from attending the party. 4 people died including the 73 year old Mother and her 2 oldest children.

The lockdown in Rochelle NY stemmed from a lawyer that unknowingly spread the disease while attending a big celebration at his synagogue.

Not realizing she had contracted the virus, a CNN reporter who covered the New Rochelle story then hosted a 90th birthday party for her mother. Of the 35 people that attended that party, 6 people tested positive, her 56 year old brother-in-law was placed on a ventilator and 2 people died.

These were unintentional exposures of people they knew and loved. I only recount their stories to drive home the point that it is not safe for anyone to gather right now…at all!

Even though some states have not stopped church services, Don’t go. Not only do you want to avoid contracting this disease from someone there, you really don’t want to expose others if you are unknowingly sick.

Stay Safe, Stay at Home

Shelter in Place Orders don’t work if everyone isn’t following them. To get through this crisis we must all make sacrifices and do our part to keep as many people safe as possible.

I too will miss making dinner and visiting with my kids and the Grand-dog this year. No silly Easter baskets or weird jello desserts for them this year. But the bigger picture is to stay alive this year so we can celebrate next year and a lot of years after that.

Stay at Home this Easter to keep yourself and those you love safe.

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  1. Supposedly we’re postponing Easter in my family and will have a gathering in a few months when it’s hopefully safer. So Easter in July? Instead of Xmas in July. And maybe celebrate half birthdays in 6 months instead of birthdays?

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