Help Wanted: Travel Mentor

I started getting into points and miles late in 2018.  I started off slow and I have learned as much as I can from research and reading on the subject.  Although I feel like I know a lot more now than I did when I started, there are still things I struggle to master.

Sometimes, I feel like I need a Travel and Rewards Coach!

  • It would be nice to have a mentor who I can talk to when I am not sure about a decision I am about to make.
  • A person I could go to when I can’t find a definitive answer anywhere to a question I have, no matter how much I read on the subject.
  • Someone to point me in the right direction when I run into something that I just can’t figure out how to navigate the process for.
  • A voice of reason that tells me to stop overthinking my decisions when I am actually getting it right.

A lot of times posts and articles I read on a subject are written for high level players.  It makes me feel as if I am missing something (like steps 1, 2 & 3) because they assume I already know them.  Ugh!  There are some writers though, who are good about including full instructions and even screen shots in their posts.  Those are super helpful.  Because I have done so much research on line, I now have a pretty good idea of the best sites and bloggers that will have the information I am looking for presented in a way I will understand.

I must say my that I have reached out more than once to my friend Joe for some advice.  He is really good about helping me out and getting me an answer within a few days.  I appreciate the help but I know he is busy, and I hate to bug him every time I have a question.


One thing I really struggle with is booking award flights.  Of course, it is easy to figure out how to book them directly through the airline, but I have read that those are not always the best deal available.  It seems like the best deals are when you book through other sites.  I have recently tried and failed repeatedly to navigate this aspect of travel redemption.  As I am growing frustrated with the process, I will probably end up booking the higher redemption rate directly through the airline.  Such a Newb!


When My Magic 8 Ball Isn’t Working…

I think I would actually be willing to pay a small fee to have a Travel Mentor who I can go to when I get into the weeds.  Someone I trust, who doesn’t want to sell me anything and that I  know won’t lead me astray.

Is there such a thing?