Can I get some Feedback

Have you seen the Netflix Original movie Wine Country?  I was drawn to it because it stars a bunch of ex SNL stars like Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph, Ana Gasteyer, and Rachael Dratch.  It was the perfect movie for my daughter and I to watch on the airplane during a flight from Portland to Detroit in May.  Very funny indeed.  So there is a part in the movie where Maya Rudolph starts poking fun at Rachael Dratch (who is a therapist) by creating a song May I Offer You some Feedback.  It has been stuck in my head ever since.  Now every time I hear the word feedback, it is all I can think of.

On to more serious matters though, and that is getting YOUR FEEDBACK regarding my blog and it’s content.  I have been writing my blog for almost 2 years now and I really enjoy it.  But I had some goals when I started that I have not yet met. Increased readership being one of them.

Last year I added my site to Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and created a Facebook page to increase my exposure.   I would like to thank my great bunch of friends who follow regularly and my fellow bloggers who support the site. I also made a huge effort to create even better content that is fun, engaging and informative.  But I really want to take it to the next level in 2020.

Just so we are clear, I do not make any money from my blog because that is not why I am writing it. I am not an Influencer or Sponsored by any companies.  What I write about are things that I find helpful or really believe in.   When I created my website, I chose a plan that eliminates ads because I think they clutter up the content.  That also means that I don’t make any revenue from people clicking on those ads. I do, however, have to pay for the site on WordPress,  pay for my domain name, and pay for any posts I promote on social media.  So knowing people are reading and enjoying my posts helps me feel better about the costs I incur to maintain the site.

So the blog is just a labor of love for me and a place to share my travel thoughts, ideas and money saving tips.  But I put a lot of time and work into creating posts that are only being read by a handful of people.  When I put serious thought and effort into a post that falls flat, I get a little disappointed (and I am also confused when a hurry up fluff post gets rave reviews).  It would be great to get more Comments, Reposts, Shares and general Interactions for my posts.

So Can I get Your Feedback?

  • I would appreciate it if you would let me know what content I post that you really like and/or what content you don’t.
  • Are there some topics you would like me to address in the new year?
  • Is the information on the Pages found on the menu bar helpful:   Blog Posts,  Money Saving Links,  About Me,  Contact
  • I try to keep things fun and light while still being informative. Is that working or is there something about the writing style that is somehow offputting?
  • Do you find the links included in my posts helpful in discovering additional content on the topic? (Hint: they are always Bold and Teal)
  • Are the tips and  information I post helpful?
  • How do you like the layout?
  • Is the Quantity of pictures in my posts ok? (Note: I am not a photographer but have been trying to up my game in that area to provide better quality photos)
  • I post 3 days a week Monday/Wednesday/Friday (Saturday Savings tips only on the Facebook Page), is that too much or too little?
  • Are the posts too long?  Are they boring?


Come at me Bro….. Leave some comments or send me a message

This is your chance to be brutally honest!  I really need the Feedback!



2 thoughts on “Can I get some Feedback

  1. I generally love most of the content! Of course because I’m local in Michigan I really enjoy the posts on different things to do in the area. I also love the savings posts and brewery/winery reviews. I enjoy your writing style as it makes it easy for me to read quickly especially without the ads. I’m not sure how I missed the Facebook group for savings tips? I don’t always get to all 3 posts a week but I just keep my reminder in my inbox until I read it. I also read most of the content on my phone – and I find the user platform pretty easy to navigate.

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