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As a Budget conscious individual, I like to get all the perks that I can get out of my credit cards and loyalty memberships.  This means that I get familiar with their available benefits, even those that aren’t so obvious.  One such offer is the Free Kindle download for IHG members.

If you are an IHG Member, you get a free Kindle download from their list of preselected e-book titles every quarter.  There is usually a mention in your monthly statement e-mail regarding the number of e-books you have available.

How to Access this Benefit

Find this benefit on the app by selecting your account icon in the top right corner.  Next scroll down to the gray boxes and you will see “Extra Benefits” among them.  The box will also identify how many selections you have available as a red circle with the number available  inside it.  Select the Extra Benefits option and you will go to a screen that lists your Kindle benefit and any other perks you may have (mine also shows a Hertz offer).






Select the Kindle option from that list and you will move to the next screen that explains the Benefit and process to redeem it.  I had to add the IHG app to my Kindle and could then download my choices to my device.  You also need to have an Amazon account.  Although you do not have to pay for these ebooks, the process is handled through the Amazon Kindle site.






This is also show where you will find the list of e-book titles you are able to select from.  My list currently has 12 Fiction Books and 4 Non Fiction Books available for me to choose from.  Not to seem ungrateful, but my biggest complaint about this benefit is that the list is very limited and the options do not change very frequently.  I cant remember when the last time that I saw any new books added to the list.  Since I have already downloaded and read the selections that interested me, I have been holding on to a few picks in hopes they will eventually add a few more options to the list of available titles.











If you are an IHG Member and haven’t used this benefit yet, give it a look.  Maybe there is a good title or 2 on the list that you might want to download.  It’s free, so why not!

It’s always nice to find useful perks attached to your credit cards or loyalty memberships. Using those benefits adds to the value of the card or program and can help to offset any associated fees.




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