Really, IHG?

The other day I was reading through the blogs I follow and came upon this post from Joe at Your Mileage May Vary:

Come On IHG, It’s Like You’re Not Even Trying With Accelerate Offers Anymore.

He had just reviewed the new IHG Accelerate Offers for he and his wife. They were not that great, especially Sharon’s.  But since every person gets a personalized offer I excitedly went out to see what offers awaited me for the new promotion.   I thought that since I do have some trips coming up, there might be good options to earn some bonus points.  But let’s review my previous offers for this year first.


My First offer of this year (1/1/19 – 4/30/19)

I think this was a good Accelerate offer.  We were already planning a couple of trips that allowed me to tweek them a bit in order to scoop up some promotion points.

  1. Stay in 2 Different Brands and get 2,800 points
  2. Stay in 3 Different Brands get 19,200 points
  3. Book 2 Weekend Stays that include a Saturday get 5,600 points
  4. Book 2 Stays with Bonus Point Packages get 6,600 points
  5. Complete all the tasks to get a 17,100 point bonus.

The total possible to earn was 51,300 points. I managed to complete all of the offers except number 2.  I would have had to make a “mattress run” to earn that one.  Although it was hard being so close to earning the remaining 36,300 points, I decided to be happy with the extra 15,000 points because I earned those points by taking advantage of stays I was already planning.


My Second offer of the year (5/1/19 – 8/31/19)

This offer didn’t really motivate me much.  I had 3 offers and a 30,000 bonus if I completed them all.  In all you could potentially earn 60,000 bonus points.

  1. Stay 5 Nights and earn 10,000 points
  2. Stay at 3 Brands and get 14,400 points
  3. Stay 2 Weekends, including a Saturday night and another night and earn 5,600 points

Since most of my remaining travel for the year was planned for fall, I didn’t complete any of these offers. They would have been tough offers for me since they required a large number of stays and multiple night stays. Even though I did have one trip to Portland, Oregon during this time frame, we stayed 3 of those nights at a Hyatt and used 1 Reward night at a Holiday Inn.  So I didn’t earn any points during this promotion.


My Current Offer (9/1/19 – 12/31/19)


To my surprise, this is all there was.  Earn 1000 points for staying 1 night and get 1000 points bonus if I complete that one task. Is this a joke or as Joe said, a punishment?

Really, IHG?  This is the most uninspiring promotion EVER!

I guess my 2 night stay  this weekend at a Holiday Inn in Traverse City will complete my one and only offer.  Woo!  I am currently in the process of booking stays in Dallas for September and Oakland, California in October.  There are good options for booking either IHG or Hilton properties in both locations.  Frankly, I find my offers for this promotion kind of insulting and it pretty much seals the deal for me to pick the Hilton properties for both of those stays.

Don’t be surprised if Hyatt and Hilton get a lot more of my business in the future IHG!