Hotel Update: Holiday Inn West Bay – Traverse City, MI

It’s high season for travel in Traverse City right now. Michigan has a short window of summer and everyone wants to go play “up north”. I have the itch myself to stomp around in TC hitting the beach and then enjoying the great local wineries, breweries and amazing food options. It’s beautiful AND a foodie paradise!

I have a busy schedule and have been looking at fitting in a weekend trip. After running a few queries for dates on the IHG app, I noticed only 2 hotels were coming up in my searches. The newer Hotel Indigo and the Holiday Inn Express Acme. Weird. So I looked up West Bay Beach manually and it came up on the site but gave me no availability for any date I put in. Odd!

Hotel Review: Holiday Inn Resort West Bay Beach – Traverse City, MI

As I have written before, this is one of my personal favorite hotels in TC so I was getting nervous about what could be causing this to happen. I did a google search on my phone and went to the NEWS tab. I found 2 stories both from early January.

West Bay Beach Holiday Inn Resort in Traverse City, Michigan Sold for $23.2 Million

Traverse City’s Holiday Inn Sold For $23 Million; New Owners Aim For “Icon”

We just stayed there in April, it seems like there would have been some clues that the property had changed hands. Nope.

The articles that I found indicate the new owners (Greenwich Hospitality Group) will be turning our diamond in the rough into an “iconic landmark hotel”. The hotel will be reborn as the Delamar Traverse City and will follow the design model of it’s sister hotel The Delamar Greenwich Harbor. So fancy.

It was already a property on the high end for rates and that can only mean higher rates to come. Plus it will no longer be an IHG property or belong to any other big loyalty chain for that matter, which means no points options.

The Delamar Greenwich Harbor

I feel so sad as I process this news. I am glad, however, we at least got in that one last trip for our anniversary this year in April!

All things change eventually. Sad but true. We are going to have to find a new favorite hotel to stay at going forward for our regular trips to Traverse City.

But I will be keeping my eye on this Phoenix as she is reborn as the Delamar Traverse City.