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This Airfare is Straight Up Nuts!

A lot of the Travel sites that I follow talk about how to save money on airfare.  Traveling from major airports like JFK, BOS or ORD instead of your local airport is one way to save.  Another way to save when flying to Europe, is to pick a cheaper location nearby to fly into and then take a low cost Inner Europe flight to your final destination.

I had recently noticed a lot of cheap airfares being discussed from JFK or BOS to MAD.  Since we are planning a trip to Portugal, I thought I would price out flying to Madrid then taking an Inner Europe flight to nearby Portugal to see if it was cheaper.  I found this $382.63 round trip airfare on the Delta site from Boston to Madrid.  It has 2 stops, DTW and AMS.



Wait a minute, DTW is my home airport!  Wouldn’t it stand to reason that the same flight shouldn’t be that much higher if I started directly from Detroit then. This would completely eliminate flying to and from Boston.

Ding dong, I’m soooooo wrong!

The exact same flight starting from Detroit is actually  a whopping $850 higher than starting from Boston.  This makes absolutely no sense at all to me.

So Delta would rather that I fly from DTW to BOS to board my flight.  Then fly from BOS back to DTW (where I started from) for a 1 hour 34 minute layover before continuing to AMS and then finally on to MAD.  Whaaaat!

This is a total of 14 hours and 46 minutes of travel (plus the DTW to BOS flight), when I could just as easily take this DTW to AMS to Madrid which is only 11 hours and eliminates the extra flight to Boston. Don’t forget there would still need to be an Inner Europe flight from Madrid to Portugal yet too.



As I have said many times, I am not a Travel Genius, but this completely blows my mind.  I feel like if we were to take the BOS to MAD flight, what little we saved in airfare, we would lose in the ridiculous amount of  travel time.  Not to mention how frustrating this travel scenario would be to navigate.  Obviously, I have eliminated this as a potential option.

  Does anyone have any brilliant and rational answers as to why this is the case? 


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