IHG’s Promotion: Reward Nights Faster

The current targeted IHG Reward Nights Faster Offer was recently released for dates January 15th through April 30th. I was already working on planning some trips, so I didn’t waste any time making my reservations.

My offer:

  • Stay in 2 Different Brands get 2,800 points
  • Stay in 3 Different Brands get 19,200 points
  • Book 2 Weekend Stays that include a Saturday get 5,600 points
  • Book 2 Stays with Bonus Point Packages get 6,600 points
  • Complete all the tasks and get  17,100 additional points

Total possible points 51,300

The Plan

I was not sure that I would not be able to complete all of these tasks during the specified time frame.  So I set out a plan for getting as many points as I could.  Why not if I was already planning the travel.

I read a post by Joe at Your Mileage May Vary and he had an additional offer where he could earn 1,500 points by paying with his IHG Rewards Card.  Since I am already using my IHG Rewards card to get the 10 times Points for IHG Hotel stays, I’m bummed that option was not part of my offer too.

Note: Everyone gets a different offer. Joe and his wife Sharon at Your Mileage May Vary had different offers from each other and their offers were different from mine.

My Hotel Bookings

I planned to book my stays through the Ebates Portal. Most of the time, I have enough time to book hotels that I can wait for a higher Rebate %. Although I was able to secure a booking with a 10% Rebate for our 1st trip in February, I was not able to for the second trip in April. I booked that stay directly through IHG.

Trip 1

We were already planning to take a trip to Fort Wayne, Indiana to check out the local Beer Trail.  I took this opportunity to book us for a weekend stay at a Holiday Inn with a Bonus Points package for Mark’s birthday.  Perfect.

This ticks off 1 Brand, 1 Bonus Points Package and 1 two night weekend with Saturday stay, plus we earned a nice Rebate.

Trip 2

We generally like to take a long weekend for our Anniversary.  The rates were good at our favorite Holiday Inn Resort in Traverse City so I booked a Friday and Saturday stay with a Bonus Points Package.

This meets the 2nd Brand (qualifying us for the 2,800  points), the 2nd Bonus Points Package (qualifying us for the 6,600 points) and 2nd Weekend Stay with a Saturday (score 5,600 more points.)

This week, there was a 12% Rebate on Ebates for IHG Hotels. After seeing the nice Rebate on the first trip, it was eating at me that I would get nothing for this one. Just for sport, I checked it out again. Ebates was offering a booking discount and I was able to get all our desired hotel options this time. I rebooked the hotel saving $36 off the original reservation cost AND became eligible for a 12% Rebate. Win!


My Total For Two Trips

  • 2 Brand stays 2,800
  • 2 Points Pkgs 6,600
  • 2 Weekend with Saturday 5,600

Totaling 15,000 Points (Easily redeemable for a lower tier room)

In addition to these Bonus Points, I earned points for my stays, points for paying with my card and from the bonus points packages.

I am one brand stay away from the whole enchilada! 19,200 points for the 3rd brand and the Completion bonus of 17,100. That 36,300 additional nights could be redeemed for a free night at a mid tier hotel. Sigh….so close.


Could there be a Trip 3?

I recently wrote a post about The Makers Trail in Southwest Michigan. We we’re considering that as another trip. If we added a one night stay at a nearby Holiday Inn Express it would tick the final box (3rd Brand) for us to get all the points possible! Additionally, that stay would also earn us a really nice travel blanket from The Makers Trail for using one of their suggested hotels.


I am still thinking about this last trip since our schedule is pretty full between now and the end of April. I may just chose to be happy with having earned a lot of extra points and big Rebates from the trips we had already planned on.  We shall see!

I love being able to make my travel work for me!