Ogma Brewing Update

Some of you may have read my post Monday 2/4 Introducing Ogma Brewing Company.

Meet Ogma Brewing

Here is a recap of everything that has been going on for them this week. The guys have been busy getting the word out about their business and their Kickstarter Project.

What Has Happened…

There was a Community Meet and Greet at Fortress Coffee.

They made an appearance on The Bart Hawley Show.

Another Meet and Greet at Vito’s Espresso.

And a Podcast on Spotify.     Ogma on Spotify

What’s Up…

They hit their Level One Kickstarter goal of $25,000 on Wednesday!!!

Now they are working toward their Level Two goal of $35,000.

With a little support from the Community and Readers, they should hit that goal too.

Take a minute to visit their Kickstarter Page and show them some love…Don’t forget to Spread the word by SHARING this post or their link!


Helping other people is a great feeling!



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