6 Months Blog Review

I can hardly believe that I have been blogging for 6 months.  My first post was an Introduction to the site (And so the Adventure begins… ) on 4/13/18 followed by a Travel Planning series.  Things just kept rolling from there.  I set myself an attainable goal in the beginning of 2 posts per week on Tuesdays and Fridays.  I wanted to get a feel for the process, be consistent and make sure I didn’t get too stressed out over my own deadlines.  Happily, I have met those goals even when traveling abroad.  I am hoping to move to a Monday, Wednesday and Friday post format in the near future.

Since first setting up my site, I have learned a ton about the WordPress platform.  That’s where the blog is actually created.  In August, I made a few changes to the layout to make it more user friendly.  In the spring, I will be upgrading to a higher level account which will cost me more, but give me a ton more options for tools and further improvements and  customizations.  I didn’t want to get into this slowly at the beginning, until I was sure blogging was for me.  I have found that it is and now I am ready to start getting crafty.

Along the way it became obvious that utilizing Social Media is a must to be a successful blogger.  I started out by creating a Twitter account.  After managing that for a while I added an Instagram.  Instagram is the most fun with Your Story and tons of creative ways to get your ideas out there.  Hopefully, this will increase traffic to my blog (which is still a struggle for me) and I will get more Followers.  Followers are how you become eligible for Sponsorships and getting Instagram Verified.  Instagram verification allows you to put links in your posts which are very helpful for connecting all the sites together and directing readers to specific material.

Initially, the way I sent the posts out to people was either through WordPress or by then Reposting to my personal Facebook account.  I really want to take my personal Facebook back, so I have recently created a Facebook Page for the Blog.  After October 26, I will try to only post to the Facebook Page….not my personal page.

A big shout out to my friend Colleen for her words of wisdom on Social Media. 


If you like reading my material, I challenge you to become a Follower on any of these platforms:

Twitter          @WorldbyDev (Full Posts are available here and some bonus content/savings opportunities)

Instagram     The World According to Dev (You can’t read the posts here, but I do put out bonus content and alerts for new posts)

Facebook       The World According to Dev (Full posts are available here, plus some special savings opportunities and bonus content)

There are Buttons for each of these Social Media sites on my Posts that will take you to the site and then you can choose to follow from there.

This is what the Social Media Icons Look like

You can also “Follow” on the WordPress Site itself by clicking the “Follow” button that is either at the top of the left column (if reading on computer) or at the end of the post (if you are reading on your phone).  That is the best because it sends the posts directly to your e-mail so you can read them at your leisure.  It’s also great for analytics.

Current Blog Stats:

  • 59 Posts
  • 3 Social Media Accounts
  • Blog viewers from 41 Countries
  • 3 Mentions by fellow Bloggers

What I find really exciting is that Bloggers are a Community.  I have  made some great connections and felt supported by other Bloggers like Got My Backpack, The Happy Minimalist Girl and Your Mileage May Vary.  Kieren at Got My Backpack provided me with the first words of encouragement as I struggled through the first month or so.  Those words helped keep me from giving up and I much appreciate him for taking a moment to recognize I was struggling and needed a boost.  Thank you!

So thanks again to my loyal Friends and Followers for getting me this far and don’t forget Sharing is Caring!  Repost or Share any of my posts that you enjoy to help me reach a larger audience.  There are sharing buttons near the end of  each post with the Like button.  Check out the Social Media Sites too!

This is what the Sharing Buttons Look like


Blogging Onward and Upward!  

You Readers are the best!


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