Meal Delivery Box: 5 Easy Steps to Dinner

Happy Tuesday.  A few weeks ago I shared a review of Meal Kit Delivery Services.  I recently received an order from Home Chef and thought I would walk you through the 5 Easy steps in the process.

#1 Receive a box – The ingredients for each meal are packed individually in their own bag with the exception of meats which are in the bottom of the box between layers of freezer packs.  The Recipe cards and any other included paperwork are just inside the top of the box.

#2 Packaging – I lay aside the packaging so that I can do the best I can at recycling it later on.  The freezer packs can either be kept in the freezer for future use, or you can let them thaw in the sink overnight, drain the contents and recycle the outer plastic.  There are 2 insulated sheets in the box.  Slit the ends and remove the contents which are fine to throw away, then recycle the outer plastic sleeve.   I usually have some kind of a use for the nice sturdy box.

#3 Layout the Ingredients – After I choose which recipe that I will make, I get all the ingredients out and read over the recipe card before starting.  It may indicate that you need to preheat the oven, prep some veggies or use an ingredient for two different parts of the recipe.  Reading through the recipe helps solidify those instructions for me. I also note what kind of pans I will need and get them out and prepare them before I start to cook.

You may need to use your own olive oil, salt and pepper in the dish as well.

#4 Follow the Recipe Card – You have already read through the card once to be familiar with the process and now it is go time.  Literally follow the recipe instructions section by section.  Home Chef recipes are super easy to follow and understand.  I have made a lot of them and haven’t had a failure yet.

#5 Plate your Dish – The recipe will either indicate that you should plate your dish as illustrated on the front side of the recipe card or give you specific instructions.

This dish was Pork Egg Roll in a Bowl.  I have ordered this twice and it is delicious.  Mark (who is sometimes a little picky with non traditional foods) really likes it too.

From start to finish it took about 30 minutes to complete the process.  

Also in this box was Greek Chicken and Artichoke Wrap. This recipe took 5 minutes to prepare, made 2 servings and was super easy. The wraps made a delicious lunch for both my husband and myself.

For me it is just fun to step outside my normal cooking routine and create something new.  The Box Meal Kits give me all the tools and instructions I need to be creative, learn something new, and serve a culinary masterpiece for dinner.

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Plated  Review                                                                                          

A friend sent me a link to try a free box from Plated.  Yesterday my order came and I was excited to try out my first recipe.  Inside the box  were individual bags containing most of the ingredients for each of the 3 meals I ordered.  But there were also a number of packaged items loose in the box.  It stands to reason that based on the recipes you would be able to figure out which loose ingredients went with which meal.  However, 2 meals called for the same ingredient and the amount supplied was different in each of the 2 bags.  There was no way to tell from either the markings on the ingredient bags or the recipe cards which bag/amount went to which recipe. I just picked one and moved on.  Additionally, the 2 main herbs for my first recipe were  completely missing from the box.  I called Plated Customer Service to report the omission and they were very apologetic and gave me a small account credit.  I plan to order another box sometime in the future and see if I get a better result.

  • I like that Plated has a very flexible website allowing you to change the number of meals, servings or delivery days quite easily. 
  • They  have a lot of meals to select from each week. 
  • The recipe I made was very tasty and easy to follow.
  • They have some room for improvement on packaging and shipping their products.  

I Rate 3.5 out of 5 stars

Bon Apetite!