This weeks Blog Changes

I have rolled out a lot of new things for the blog this week.

  • Moved the sidebar to the Left
  • Chose a New color scheme
  • Changed the Header Photo
  • Revised the Sidebar content and added social media buttons (The Sidebar items appear at the end of the post if you are reading it on your phone)
  • Began a World According to Dev Instagram Page



Now you can follow the site via Instagram or Twitter. Just press the corresponding social media icon located on the sidebar (sidebar presents at end of post if you are reading on your phone) to go to the site. Once there opt to follow!

For those of you only reading the blog from the links put on my personal Facebook, the time has come to become Followers. Within the next two weeks, I hope to stop publishing there. So if you like my stuff, you will either need to Follow the Blog Page or Follow on Twitter.

I am striving to keep the blog it’s own entity!

My goal with making these changes was to make the site more visually pleasing, streamlining the content make it easier to navigate.

Leave a Comment letting me know what you like, or what you don’t.