Please Excuse my Mess as I update my Site!

When we travel, it always seems like at least one major icon is being Refurbished.  Although it is disappointing in that minute, when I visit the next time it is fresh and beautiful for me to enjoy.  This happened to me at the Trevi Fountain in Rome and the Rialto Bridge in Venice in 2015.  On our recent trip it was the Duomo in Milan and Big Ben in London.  I had seen the Duomo in 2015 while not being refurbished and got to see the Rialto now that it had been completed.  It’s nice to see that these European landmarks are being cared for to stand the test of time.

Like all those landmarks, it’s time to refurbish my site a bit.  Blogging was new to me when I started this site in April of this year.  I had a large learning curve on how to set up my site and navigate all the widgets and doo dads that WordPress has to offer. (Still learning!)  I also needed to test myself that I could meet my initial goal of putting out 2 posts every week, and I did that.  Even on Vacation.  As I am becoming more confident in myself and how things work, it’s getting time to make some site improvements.

I am just doing a little facelift on this Blog Site.  You may notice some layout changes in the coming weeks like new Color schemes, Fonts and Header Images.

I have already deleted two of my Menu Tabs: Things to Do and Hot Travel Deals.    Travel sales are often a flash in the pan and event calendars change daily so it was a lot of work to keep those pages up to date.  Since my readers are all over the country and the world, the Local Things to Do will probably be eliminated completely.  I will try to share Flash Deals and Sales via Twitter.

Did you know that my Blog Always posts to my Twitter Page: The World According to Dev @worldbydev

Friday’s posts will ALWAYS remain Travel related articles and Tuesdays will continue to be about Savings Opportunities and Informational Items.  I just want to provide you with meaningful content that you find useful in your life.

Let me know  your favorite things about the site so far by leaving a comment at the end of this post.  Favorite Posts, Topics or Anything at all that you particularly liked.  That way I can keep doing what you like best.

For now I am putting Posts out on my personal Facebook, but as readership and followers increase, I may move away from that.   If you Follow my Blog, my posts will always be sent to you via e-mail to read at your convenience.  That way you don’t miss any fun stuff.

I am looking into creating an Instagram Site and perhaps a separate Facebook Page to be more accessible through Social Media.  Thoughts?

Your comments are always welcome and preferred left on the Blog’s Comment Section where all Readers can see them, rather than just on Facebook where only my FB friends will have access to them.

I really like Creating this blog, and hope to expand my readership in the coming months.  Feel free to Repost or Share articles you really like, it helps me grow. Support me by Visiting the page and not just hitting LIKE….Visits increase my Stats.  More people visiting the site means more opportunities for me.   I am a very small fish currently in a large blogging pond.  How Readers respond determines if I will go belly up up in the bowl or continue to swim forward and thrive.

Thanks for all your support this far! You are the best!

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  1. I love hearing about the new things you have tried. Ibotta, fetch rewards, ancestry and then hearing the outcome down the road. Can’t wait to hear about the ancestry!

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