Exploring my Family History

Has anyone out there used Ancestry.com? I am getting ready to bite the bullet and sign up for a short time in order to explore some particular areas of interest in my family history.

If you have used Ancestry.com I would love to hear your feedback, tips and suggestions in the comment section at the end of this post.

I am preparing to trace 2 sets of lineage.

The first are my Great Grandparents on my Father’s side that immigrated from the Germany, Austria, and Hungary regions. I just want to link them to where they lived there and discover what brought them here. It’s just discovering their story really.  Finding the historical events that caused them to immigrate.

The second is tracing the Native American lineage on my Mothers side. I am hoping to follow their movements between the US and Canada.  Find out the Events that drove those movements and how a Native American woman and a man from Iceland came to be wed.

I want to be very efficient with the process and try to stay on task. Knowing how much data Ancestry has sort of concerns me that I may get overwhelmed or lost. Your tips and insights will be appreciated.

On a recent trip between 7 countries, our Tour Director shared historical facts with us between areas that helped us understand the back story. That information was really helpful when visiting a place for the first time.

I think the information I am seeking  is sort of the same thing. A connection of past to present. It will be easier to tell my story with these supporting historical facts.

Do you know any other great resources for tracking family lineage?  If so, please leave any suggestions in the Comment section at the end of this post.

I hope you will take a minute to share a comment. Thanks!

4 thoughts on “Exploring my Family History

  1. Hi Deb, I have used Ancestry.com and found it very helpful! I DID NOT buy it. I went to my local library to log in and it was free through their site! So ALL my research was FREE!

    My family tree is very small I could only go back 3 generations to Ellis Island. BUT, for fun one day we did my husband’s family tree and were about to take him 17 generations all the way back through Plymouth Colony ( not Mayflower but probably a ship or two later) To Kent England! The records were all there to see clearly. In 3 hours we did all that and we could hardly wrap our minds around it!

    My grandfather came from Corigliano, Italy, all the site records showed his original Italian name. His travel to America, pledge to citizenship and draft notice all have his signature with his Italian name. He never change it legally and so when I went to look for his death cert, I had to use his made up Americanized name. Even his head stone has his fake name on it! Hard to do research when you don’t know what is real! But I had one older Auntie still alive who helped me!

    On my Mom’s side it got confusing as her father’s last name was WING. But he was Polish. So I could not find the translation, or what happened at this familie’s gateway to change the name to something so Asian sounding. I found a ton of Wings, just not the right ones! That was a big needle in a hay stack search! I ended it quickly and said enough.

    But that was my experience with the site and accuracy of records. I hope you found what you were looking for! It can be FUN and frustrating! Hopefully you had more FUN! 🙂

  2. I think that will be so interesting to find out more about your family and it’s history, I would love to do the same with my family! I’m a new blogger and would love if you checked it out! x

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