More Ways To Save for your Travels

If the main reason you aren’t traveling is that you think you can’t afford it, you are probably wrong.  For a long time, we did not take enough trips for this reason too.  But then I started looking at the opportunities available for me to save money, to earn extra money and crunching the numbers.  I saw the light.  That’s how I started turning my Travel Dreams into Travel Realities!

Read & Research

When I started this blog, I wanted to share all the tips and tricks I found along the way for planning and saving on your travel.  I realized that also showing you how you could bankroll your adventure fund was important too.  I try to write at least 2 posts per month now illustrating ways you can save money.

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When I started getting serious about saving money for travel, I began reading posts by The Penny Hoarder, Nerd Wallet and Money Saving Mom.  These are all great sites full of ideas, you just need to sift through them to find which ones work for you.

Surveys, Rebate Apps and Selling Stuff

What I learned from trial and error along the way is that I don’t like Survey Programs.  They are invasive, security risks, time consuming and low reward.  The fact that I received an influx of scary spam every time I tried one only drove that point home.  So for me those are a big fat NO!

I love Rebate Apps because it is a simple way to earn a good amount of cash just from making my regular purchases.  I wrote a post My Suvey & Rebate Program Reviewthat paints a pretty clear picture of how easy they are, how payments work and how much money you can really expect to make.  Check it out.  Feel free to leave a comment at the end of this post with your love/hate experiences with Survey & Rebate programs.

We all have “stuff” laying around that we don’t even realize can be turned into savings.  List it on Craigs list, Ebay, Facebook Marketplace or sell it at Plato’s Closet, a yard sale or another local second hand dealer.  It’s a win win if you are making money and cutting your clutter.

Make something that you can sell in an Etsy shop, Craft Fair, Farmer’s Market, or local business.  Hand lettered items, knitted products, jewelry or crafts.  Something you can make in your spare time, post on your site and wait for the orders to roll in.

Flexible side gigs & Temp opportunities

Look for short term work assignments.  I live not too far from MIS Speedway.  Each year they have 2 big races.  They advertise in advance of these races for positions they need to fill, just for those weekends.  So you spend a few days driving a golf cart around or working a food booth and score some extra money for the kitty.  There are a lot of these types of jobs out there if you look.

  • Uber or Lyft Driver
  • Census Taker or Inventory Temp
  • Sell I-phone photos on sites like Fotor or Shutterstock
  • Grocery Shopper for the new home delivery service
  • Virtual Assistant (data entry/proofreading) on sites like Zirtual or
  • Rent your house while you are gone or an extra room on airbnb
  • Secret Shopper
  • Address wedding invitations
  • Be a Tutor
  • Home Product Parties like Pampered Chef, Pure Romance or Lula Roe

I understand if you have a busy life and can’t figure out how to fit in a side gig, but most of these are super flexible.  With a some planning and time management skills, you can probably fit something in. Some of these really take no time at all and others are very short term.


I mentioned in post Show Me the Money that it is a good idea to open a separate bank account for your travel savings.  When you do, look for banks with special account opening offers, like Huntington Bank.  Why not score a $200 bonus when you open your new account.  Check on line for the most current deals at the time you plan to open your account.

Make sure you are maximizing your credit card(s).  If travel is your thing, be sure you have a card that has as many of these features as possible:

  • No foreign Transaction Fees (other cards charge about 3% fee)
  • High travel Reward Points
  • Low interest rates and/or 0% interest opportunities
  • Rental Car Insurance Coverage
  • Travel Insurance Coverage
  • Global Entry/TSA Precheck Application Reimbursement

Most Travel Rewards cards do have an Annual fee.  But it can be so worth the fee if you use the benefits well.

Example:  Capital One Venture Card or Bank of America Premium Rewards both have all or most of the benefits listed above.

$95 annual fee

  • Reimbursed for 2 x $100 Global Entry application fees
  • Avoided $300 trip insurance cost on large trip
  • Avoided $25 auto rental insurance cost
  • Earned enough points to redeem for $100 visa card

So you could potentially get $625 in savings for your $95 annual fee.


How much effort you put in determines how much money you get back.  Doing these simple things can maximize your savings.

  • Do the Research and Reading
  • Review your Credit Cards and Banking options for potential savings opportunities
  • Get Rewards on your normal Purchases
  • Find some extra cash working a temp gig or selling some stuff
  • Be creative and vigilant

ALWAYS read all the details on any program, app, credit card offer or bank promotion before signing up.  ALWAYS compare your options no matter what you are engaging in.  This will keep you on the right path to Saving and not Frustration or Disappointment.

Happy Saving!