Blog in Review

How it’s going so far

It’s been 2 months since I started my blog, The World According to Dev. I have learned a lot along the way. It takes so much more than just writing to make it work.

I started this blog because I had so many thoughts and ideas about Travel spinning around in my head. I needed an outlet to share that information with others. The World According to Dev is now that place. My hope is that when you read a post, you find at least one helpful nugget you can take away and apply to your life or travels.


Getting it all Started

I had to learn a lot of Techie stuff just to set up the site. Ugh! Then I had to learn a bunch more Techie stuff to make the site efficient. Thank goodness WordPress has great Technical Support people and Learning tools.  Big shout out to the online Chat folks for answering even my dumbest questions thoroughly and without judgement of my skills (or lack of them).

I hate ads popping up  in the middle of my content when I am reading an article or recipe.  It’s distracting and aggrivating.   So I signed up for a paid plan on WordPress that lets me have no ads. That is why you will see me post some affiliate links to Amazon or Referral links to helpful apps. Your cost on the Amazon products doesn’t increase by clicking thru them, but I could make a small (couch change) amount when you do. This is to offset the plans cost.  The main thing is I have control over the content of those links and the placement in the post.



There is more content to my Blog than just the front page Post. I have added Pages with links to past posts (and organized them), a page with Travel Deals, a page with affordable Things to Do and a Referrals page. That one is so you don’t have to remember which post you read something in to find it, important links are always close at hand.   I hope you are checking out those pages. I am always trying to tweak the site to be much more Reader friendly and provide useful content.

If you haven’t read my sidebar, my Travel Series posts on Friday’s and Other goodies post Tuesday’s. I have been faithfully posting content and appreciate your support.

Just so you know, I welcome you to leave Comments in the section at the end of each post.  It’s nice to get Likes/Comments on Facebook, but it’s better if they are attached to the post so they can be seen by all platforms.  I publish my Posts on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and send out directly through e-mail to Followers.   Feel free to repost an article or share it if you really like it. I am open to ideas, feedback and tips you would like to share.

If you would like to have my posts sent right to your e-mail box, just check the Follow button at the end!

Here are some highlights from my first 2 months:

  • First Post April 13, 2018
  • Published 16 Posts
  • Added multiple new Pages
  • I have 22 Followers (Follow me)
  • Created a Twitter account for my site (Follow me)
  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Found some awesome fellow Travel Bloggers
  • Had a lot of fun writing
  • Tried new things

What you can expect going forward:

  • Vacations
  • Long Weekends
  • Local Fun
  • Date Nights
  • Fun with Friends
  • Michigan Winery & Brewery Series
  • Guest Writers
  • More product Adventures and Reviews
  • More money saving tips
  • Links to other awesome blogs with useful content
  • Adventures a plenty

Finally, I’d like to thank my friends for sharing their photos and experiences.  It has been fun interviewing them and adding their stories to my posts.   I really do have the Best Friends.

Hope you will keep reading!  More Adventures are coming.


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