Fashion: Stacking Deals

Bonus Post #2: 

Summer Wardrobe on a $200 budget

I have been freshening up my summer wardrobe in preparation for our upcoming European adventure. My current clothes were tired and I needed some new sizes. Sigh.  I set myself a $200 budget.  Lets see how I did.

I started in March with an online order from Old Navy. They had a good sale and I had store Rewards to use. I didn’t pay a shipping fee and Since I used my Ebates I earned a $1.56 Rebate.

I had tried on this poppy colored rayon tank with small bright blue flowers on it. It was 40% off and cotton tanks were on a one day sale for $2 each. I ordered light blue and coral for layering. I also snagged a cute little calico print neckerchief with coral and blue flowers and a long white floral scarf.

2 solid cotton tank tops, 1 nice printed rayon tank top, 1 neckerchief and one long scarf

Total spend $31.20

You may have seen my Stitch Fix posts (if not, check them out from my past posts) where I let them pick out and send me some things to try.


I ended up keeping 1 top and 1 great pair of navy pants.

Total spend $67

For a two week trip through Europe a must have are good comfortable walking shoes. I saw a pair of Sketchers Airwalk boat shoes that were super cute and go with my summer wardrobe style. Sketchers are a restricted brand for most store rewards, discounts or coupons so I ordered them online from Kohl’s to take advantage of an Ebates Rebate. I didn’t have to pay any shipping and earned $1.56 toward my next quarterly Ebates check.

My purchase qualified me for $10 Kohl’s cash that I used in store the next week for a pack of no show socks for free.

1 pair shoes and 3 pairs socks

Total spend $51.99

I also made a trip to the Outlets in Howell a few weeks ago looking for real deals. I found a great pair of blue patterned ankle pants for $20 at H&M and I used a 20% off coupon bringing them down to $16! I adore them. At Old Navy I found an off the shoulder summer sweater with wide navy and white horizontal stripes. Clearance price $2.97 for real! Also at Old Navy I got a cute navy top with some lacing at the neck for detail. Clearance price $6.97. Additionally, I picked up a cute little accent scarf on sale there for $5.39.


1 top, 1 sweater, 1 pair of pants and a scarf.

Total Outlet spend $15.74

This week I took advantage of an online deal at JC Penney. Great sale, plus $10 off my order. I also had $10 in Store Rewards from some things Mark got last month. The only bummer was that I had to pay shipping. I usually try to avoid that charge by buying the minimum amount, but it was $75 which was more than I planned to spend. But a bonus, I used Ebates who had a 15% Rebate offer and earned $2.40 towards my next quarterly Rebate check.

I chose solid color staples that will mix and match with all the things I have found so far.

1 pair black twill capris, 1 pair khaki twill capris, 1 white short sleeve top and 1 navy short sleeve top.

Total spent (with shipping) $26.43

I found a soft black cotton tank dress at Kohls. It has a little pleating detail on the bodice and can be casual or accessorized to be dressier. The dress was originally $40 on sale for $24.99. I used a 30% discount, free shipping and a $5 Store Reward. Of course I used Ebates and earned another $1.78.

1 tank dress. Total spent $13.24.

I had planned to purchase a lightweight waterproof jacket in case of rain. While shopping I found suitable ones for $35-$50. Just when I was about to order one, we got a notice at work that we were getting complimentary windbreakers to celebrate the company’s 100th year Anniversry. I am glad I waited because it’s the perfect weight, water resistant, and navy blue.

1 windbreaker

Total spend – 0

I think these items with a few old things I could still use completes my wardrobe. Right at my $200 budget.

Total Wardrobe spend $205.60

Total Ebates earned $7.34

As you can see if you consistently use your Ebates, those little amounts add up. I have learned to order on line and pick up in store to still snag the Ebates on some items I want right away. Last year I shopped for a new grill for Mark in store. I then ordered online through Ebates and picked it up at the store the same day.

Another thing to know is that their featured stores and Rebate percentages change daily. If I am not in a hurry for an item, I might check several times until I see that store has a higher Rebate. If it is an immediate need, I still take whatever the current offer is. It all adds up, stacks up and saves you money.

Happy Shopping.

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