How I Added $120 to my Travel Fund Saturday

Savings Blast #2

Another Saturday to spin straw into gold. Vacation Savings Gold!

I Cashed out my Ibotta Rebate App for $30. You can choose any amount over $20, so I always pick a round number and leave the rest for seed toward next cash out.

Next I Cashed out my Check Out 51 Rebate App for $27.40. This app you have to take the whole amount. Since they actually mail out rebate checks, I wanted to Cash out now in order to have enough time for the check to come before our trip.

I know this was a little Ebates check, but every dollar counts in the savings game. I always get more back the last part of the year because I buy more online around the holidays. My check from the last quarter of 2017 was $102 and the 3rd quarter of 2017 was $65.

This Quarterly Ebates Rebate check $6.80.

My focus this year is to declutter and get rid of unused stuff.

Cleaning through another closet, I Found a few more items nice enough for Plato’s closet. I dropped them off and made $6.50

Then I took some unused items to the Video Game Store and sold them as a lot. That way I didn’t have to bring anything back home. I got rid of two boxes of old stuff and Made $50.

Plato’s Closet and the Video Game Store are only 5 minutes apart and 10 minutes from my house. Combining these stops made it worth my effort.

Time invested = 1 hour

Total Savings for today $120.

I even Redeemed some Rewards points at Buffalo Wild Wings for a tasty and free order of boneless wings for lunch.

The take away is for very little effort, you can find some savings for your travel fund. Just look around and recognize the value in your unused items, enroll in some Rebate Apps, Rewards Credit Cards, Restaurant Loyalty programs, or just roll your couch cushion change. Savings come in many different forms and it all adds up!

Happy Saving.

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