Stitch Fix #3

Fun and Fashion: Post 3 of 3


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Stitch Fix did offer me a second Styling for free since my first one was a complete bust. So I gave them another chance.

In hopes of getting a better box, I updated my style and fit profiles to be even more specific. I also added very clear notes as to what my expectations were for the next pieces. One tool you give them is access to your Style Board on Pinterest. I cleared mine out, started it fresh with only items I currently like sorted by color, style, and the overall look for an outfit.

The 3 things I really stressed were:

  1. Summer Pieces
  2. Bright colors
  3. No pieces over $50

My friend Steffany in Arizona signed up for a box as well. So when my box came yesterday, I FaceTimed her while checking it out. I feel these things are more fun when shared.

The first thing I noted when opening the box was a great looking navy top with poppy colored floral print. Loved it even before trying it on. It does have what I refer to as a Betty Rubble halter style neckline, but I think I can rock it.

Next I pulled out a bright orange printed top. It is an off the shoulder style, so at first glance I thought it was a skirt. Lol…Loved the color and print. I didn’t have a problem with it being off the shoulder except the neckline was oddly stiff and tended to lay across my throat in a way I knew would bug me. Maybe.

The last top was a very pleasant white, gray and black floral printed blouse. The material was very light and it featured a wrap style front with 3/4 tie sleeves. Love the color, pattern, fit and material but the wrap front would not work for me. It was only stitched in one place toward the top and therefore gaped open when I moved just right. Bummer that moved it from a For sure to a No.

In the bottom of the box were 2 pairs of pants. I will not lie, I did not try on one pair because I visually hated everything about them. Sorry.

The other pair were navy blue skinny pants. They were a great weight and material with a touch of Lycra and fit as if they were made for me! Oh these are keepers!! When I put the first top on with them I knew that these 2 pieces were the ones I wanted.

I did not open the price list until finishing my product review and after trying things on. I just feel knowing the price in advance could unconsciously sway my decision. When I finally looked at the sheet, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the prices more in line.

The pants I liked were $44.00 which was much better than the $128 crop jeans last box. I feel like that is a good price for a pair of great fitting, utilitarian pants that can be casual or dressed up. The top I wanted was $48…..a little high but exactly what I had hoped for and looks great with the pants.

I earned a $25 Referral Credit for Steffany ordering her box that I can apply to my purchases. So that takes my 2 Keeper items from $92 down to $67. That price works for me. Then I just had to Check Out online and return the remaining items in the prepaid shipping bag.

During the Check Out process you review each piece they sent.

  • Keep/Exchange/Return
  • Style
  • Fit
  • How much did you like the piece
  • Price
  • Comments about the piece

I was honest and specific in rating each piece.  This can only help the next time I get a box to make it even better.  There is also a Comment Section in the Check Out process.  I told them that I was very happy with my box and that they had done a great job meeting my expectations.  Obviously my Stylist, Briana, had taken into consideration all the information I provided in my Profile and Pinterest Style Board.  I could see myself wearing all the pieces I received (except the light blue chino pants) which was a huge step forward from my first Box.

Overall I am glad I gave it another chance and happy I was able to find some items to keep for my summer trip.  I will probably do this again sometime in the future.

Steffany got her box on Thursday.  We did a  Face Time Reveal of what was in the box.   Everything fit pretty well and they sent exactly what she asked for.

She received 2 summer dresses, a pair of jean shorts, a tank top and a clutch.   Since she liked all the pieces,  she took advantage of the 25% discount for buying the whole box.

$135 Whole box +$20 Initial Styling Fee = $155 Total spent.

It was a great Fix!  No Styling Fee next time so she even scheduled another one for next month!

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