How I Made $90 Saturday

Savings Blast #1

It’s finally spring and I had a plan Saturday. Get up early, finish a blog post I was working on, do some “desk work”, take some things for donation and then go to a Graduation party. A full day.

I started with the desk work to get the yucky stuff over first. Logged some receipts, sorted some mail then moved on to my list. The idea was to check out all my Rewards Cards and see what I could redeem for our upcoming trip.

  • I have a rewards card with my local bank and pay our cell phone bill and our car insurance with it. I then pay the card off but earn a ton of points just for paying bills. I had enough points to get $50 deposited to my checking account. When this deposit hits, I will pull out the cash and put it in my travel fund envelope.
  • I have the card I primarily use for travel costs. Since I had cashed points out recently for $100 VISA card, I was not sure there would be enough points to redeem for anything. Turns out there was enough points to get a $25 VISA card! I ordered that and will get it in plenty of time for our trip.
  • The 3rd card I use for regular purchases. I don’t use this one a lot, so not enough points to redeem. That’s ok, as the song says….2 outta 3 ain’t bad!

I made Mark some breakfast then enlisted his help in loading some boxes into the car for me. I have been decluttering our house for the last year and had been gathering things for donation in some boxes. Today was the day to get them out.

Before I left, I separated out a few really nice items  to take to Plato’s Closet. I dropped them off for them to review and they took all the items except 1 pair of pants and some shoes. They paid me $17.32 for unused items that otherwise would have moved to the donation box.

Here was my take for the day:

  • CC Reward Redemption $50
  • CC Reward Redemption $25
  • Plato’s Closet Payout       $17

Total for the day                       $92

Not bad for a Little bit of effort and not very much time spent.  If you have any Rewards cards, maybe it’s time to take stock of what you have available. If you don’t have any, you may want to look at having at least one that you use to book your travel with.    You don’t have to carry a balance, you can pay off the charges and still earn the points.  That way you can put the points  earned to work for you.  Just shop cards to find one with the best

  1. No Annual Fee
  2. Points are applied to ALL purchases
  3. Largest points per dollar earned you can find
  4. A good selection of rewards you can  redeem points for
  5. If you will ever carry a balance, low interest rate on purchases


These are just a few ways I have found to create some extra travel cash. Please leave a comment with some of your best ideas or tips!

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