Stitch Fix #2

Fun and Fashion: Post 2 of 3



My Stitch Fix box was delivered today! Since Becky and I won’t be able to get together until Friday, I left it sealed. I don’t want to spoil the fun, but boy waiting is hard.


The box is here, Becky is here. Let’s do this!

Here is what was in the box:

  • A prepaid return mailing bag
  • A Thank you note that when unfolded has the prices listed on it
  • A Styling card to show ways to wear the items they sent

To remain impartial, I chose not to look at the prices before trying on all the pieces in the box.  That way I would give each piece a fair chance to win my heart.


First up was a lace front, off white top with a half zip back.  My first thoughts were that it looked very much like something my Mother-in-law would wear.  Becky used the word “matronly” sigh.  I tried it on anyway and surprise it looked nice, but still not my taste.

I had asked the stylist to focus on Crop/Capri pants for my upcoming summer trip to Europe.  There was one pair of capri jeans in the box. They fit me as full length, lol, but were very comfortable and looked nice.  Very much a possibility here.

Next up was a t-shirt style top in a wine color with  criss cross accent on the neckline.  The shirt was made of a soft stretch material that was a little too clingy for my lumpy body, but otherwise I liked this shirt a lot.  Love the color.  Maybe…..

Also in the box, to my dismay, was a heavy camel colored, long sleeved and hooded sweater. The sweater was very, very soft and luxurious feeling but did not scream summer trip to Europe by color or functionality.  It fit nicely through the body, but the sleeves were way too long.  I gave it a fair shot, but this is a NO out of the gate.


Last up is a 3/4 length tab sleeved dark blue polka dot blouse.  This really hit my style since I am using a lot of navy and white in building the wardrobe pieces for my trip.  That being said, I had to laugh because I bought a very similar blouse at TJ Maxx a few months ago.  The shade and pattern are slightly different, but almost identically styled.  Of course, I liked their blouse, but don’t need 2 almost alike and I am not a fan of tabbed sleeves.


Now lets talk price.  The stitch fix blouse on the left was priced at $58.00.  I paid $19.99 for the one on the right.

Here is how things priced out:

  • Crochet front top                        $58.00
  • Cross front knit top                     $28.00
  • Button detail navy blouse           $58.00
  • Hooded cardigan                         $88.00
  • Capri style jeans                          $128.00

Item Total                                         $360.00

25% Buy all Discount                         $90.00

Subtotal                                              $270.00

Styling fee Credit                                $20.00

Order Total                                       $250.00

As I mentioned in my initial Stitch Fix post, you are not require to keep any of the items that they send.  You have paid a $20.00 styling fee that will be lost if you choose to keep nothing.  In my case that was only $5.00 because I signed up through a Referral from my daughter.  If you keep even 1 item they deduct the styling fee credit from your order as noted above.

Once you have made your decisions, you go to the site and Check Out.  During this process you indicate if you will keep or return the item and rate the item on fit, style and price.  Once completed, you just pack the items to be returned into the prepaid mailer and drop in any postal mailbox.


Sadly I did not end up keeping any of the items.  I felt overall that the prices were too high even after selecting the lowest budget level for my profile and stressing affordable in my style notes.  In theory, I should have kept the $28 cross front top and applied the $20 Styling Fee Credit and paid $8 plus tax for it.  I just wasn’t that crazy about the fit.  I let it all go back and since there is no shipping or return fees, am only out the $5.

I didn’t feel like the Stylist read my profile selections or Style Fix notes where I was very specific about price, fit, color, and sending items geared for a summer trip.  Everything felt very heavy and dark colored and did not give any summer vibes at all.

The things I liked best were the denim capris and the navy top.  I liked the capris because the fit through the body was amazing, even though they should have been shorter to be capris on me.  Instead they were ankle length….I am only 5’0 and that is also in my Stitch Fix profile!  But $128, Ouch! The top was too similar to the one I already have and the cost was also too high. Remember, I am all about the budget!

During the Check Out Process, you are given the opportunity to leave comments at the end, and I did.  I notated that the pricing was too high and that the Stylist missed the mark with my Fix requests.  I really hoped to have had one winning piece from this process, but sadly there just wasn’t anything I loved enough to go above my budget.  I am glad I gave it an honest try and had fun in the process of doing so.  I love a good mystery and it was awesome that Becky came and supported the effort as well.

Would I do it again?  Blogger Crystal Paine of the Money Saving Mom blog (, was contacted after sending her first box back and promised a more accurate Fix if she tried it again.  She had a much better experience on round 2.  If I were offered a similar opportunity, I would probably give it one more try.

Maybe you aren’t as budget conscious as I am or just really liked some of the pieces I got and want to give it a try.  I encourage doing so because it is a fun experience. Before signing up, I recommend that you reach out to your friends to see if any of them have a Referral code you can use to sign up.  This will give them money toward their next fix and you $15 off your Styling Fee so that you pay only $5 to try.

Devora has invited you to try Stitch Fix for free!