Stitch Fix #1

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I am planning for our big trip to Europe in June and assembling a few new pieces to update my tired wardrobe.  I picked up a few thrifty items I really liked at Old Navy and an awesome pair of Sketchers boat shoes, but have been struggling to find much else out there right now that I love enough to buy.  Maggie is my main shopping buddy but we just don’t get to do much of it these days. The struggle is real.

I have seen  Stitch Fix ads for quite some time now.  They are everywhere from facebook to ads on websites I visit.  A lot of people I know have tried them at least once.  The anticipation of what they will send is exciting to me, but because I am cost conscious, I originally hesitated to indulge in this program feeling it might be too expensive for me.   Finally yesterday I gave in and had my daughter send me her referral code so that we each got a little something for me signing up to try 1 box.  Maggie will now have a $25 credit next time she orders and I got $15 of my first box.


There is a $20 per box styling fee, my referral credit reduces that to $5.  There is no shipping fee and if you buy any items in the box, they apply the $20 styling fee to your order (in this case $5).  If you buy the whole box, they also deduct 25% off the total box cost.   I did not choose  to sign up for a regularly scheduled delivery option, but instead chose to order boxes on demand….if I continue.  Since I am  frugal and not sure if this program is for me yet, that made the most sense.

When you order the box, you have 3 days to try on everything and decide what you want to keep.  Whatever you decide not to keep can be mailed back with no charge to Stitch Fix in the included return mailer bag.  Remember that if you keep any item at all they apply the $20 styling fee credit to your order.  If you don’t keep any items, you do lose the $20 fee.

I have been following a blog site called Money Saving Mom pretty regularly.  One of her posts talked about her experiences with Stitch Fix.  She had tried  a box and either didn’t like the items or things didn’t fit well so she sent it all back and that was that.  In a later review conversation with them, they suggested she tweak her profile further to make the selections more her style/fit.  She did this and had a much better experience with her second box.

Having this knowledge of how to really fine tune your selections gives me hope that I will have a good experience.  I made sure to be very specific when entering in my size and style preferences during the survey.  I noted colors I love and ones I am not so crazy about.  There was a list of items they could include in the boxes and and you could choose which ones you were interested in and which ones not so much.  I chose not to get jewelry, shoes with wedges or heels or outerwear at this time.  What I really am in need of is pants, so in the notes section I asked that this be a focus and that I would like capris or crops and prefer they not send shorts.  I even went as far to tell them I don’t like pants with wide gaucho style legs or wispy linen material.  A lot of their style photos show outfits with clutch style purses.  Since I am very simple and rarely change bags, I suggested they not send that type of purse.  It felt a bit fussy, but necessary to get this right.

Fingers crossed now that my first box will have a few pieces in it I can use.  It is scheduled to ship next week.  I thought it would be fun to have someone there to laugh and cry with, so I am going to try things on with my friend Becky.

There will be a follow up post to let you know how this goes.

Let’s start a conversation:  Share your own Stitch Fix experiences in the comments. If you have tried other similar programs, I would love to hear about those too!

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  1. I have tried Stitch Fix and I think it’s a fun way to get out of your comfort zone. They send me items that I wouldn’t necessarily pick out for myself, and I really like that. If I had one complaint, it’s that even when I select the lowest price possible option, I receive items that are a little out of budget and end up having to send them back. Of my two boxes I’ve only actually kept one item, and it was a necklace because I couldn’t afford an $80 sweater. I love the items, but my wallet doesn’t.

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